7 Best BikePacking Handlebars | 2022

Choosing the Best BikePacking Handlebars is important because it gives you extra control ease while biking and when it comes to mountain bikes then you need the best backpacking handlebars to reduce the discomfort while riding.

Here we compile a list after research and find some of the best quality and design handlebar that actually helps you enough while mountain biking so you can consider one of them for yourself to have full control on your bike.

It is approximately 8 to 12-degree angles tilt help you to control well and you can be at the position of aggressive and relax while mountain biking so you need to have one of them.

7 Best Bikepacking Handlebars for Mountain Bikes.

  1. WHISKY – No.7 Aluminum Alloy Drop Handlebar 
  2. Ritchey Venturemax COMP O/S BB
  3. Enve G Series Gravel
  4. Origin8 Gary Ergo Sweep OS Handlebar
  5. FSA Adventure Compact Drop Handlebar
  6. WHISKY – Winston Carbon Mustache Handlebar
  7. Spank Flare 25 Vibrocore

Let’s get started:

1.WHISKY – No.7 Aluminum Alloy Drop Handlebar

WHISKY Opens in a new tab. is one of the best and trusted brands that manufacture stem, seat posts, handlebars Carbon forks, etc.

It is a 12-degree flare that provides comfort and control when you have to ride for long-distance and aggressive conditions.

The material used in this handlebar is aluminum alloys due to this the strength is at a high level and lightweight so you can easily control it. It is a semi-compact bikepacking handlebar.


  1. This handlebar is a 12-degree flare
  2. Build quality is sturdy and strong
  3. Lightweight due to aluminum material
  4. Increase the comfort and control
  5. Offer 5-year warranty with limited policy


  1. Not Found any specific drawback

2.Ritchey Venturemax COMP O/S BB

One of the best shaped and quality because aluminum material is used in the manufacturing of this 24-degree flare bike-Packing handlebars.

You know how much the increase the facility and control while mountain or another type of road bike or gravel bike.

This handlebar increases the usable position for mountain bikes that can use in a different position which one he needs.

If you like the design of this handlebar then I recommend you to choose one of them and you can also choose another handlebar also from this list of top 7 bike-packing handlebars. These are also high quality and provide extra control and position in which you can ride.


  • The style of this handlebar is beautiful
  • The construction quality of this handlebar is strong
  • This Lightweight and semi-compact


  • Not Found

3.Enve G Series Gravel

The main purpose of the construction of this bike-packing handlebar is gravel bike racing but you can use it for mountain biking and can use different positions.

As you know that type of handlebar increases the comfort level and also increases the control which is the amazing thing about that type of handlebar.

I hope you like that one that you can consider it and you can get more specification information about this handlebar on amazon by clicking on the above link.


  • Highly strong build construction
  • Provide different usable position
  • Lightweight and increase the control level


  • Not Found:

4.Origin8 Gary Ergo Sweep OS Handlebar

This is an Ergonomic off-road drop bike handlebar or you can say that mountain bike-packing handlebar. The build quality is super amazing and doesn’t need to worry about the material quality of this handlebar.

The Flare angle of this handlebar is 21 degrees that increasing the comfort and control level. you can easily fit shifter and other necessary things to that amazing handlebar.

Miserably bike has a narrow drop-bar so many people like the wide drop bar so they need to buy an extra handlebar to fulfill this need and if you are also one of them then you can select one of this list. All of these are of very good quality and liked by the actual customers so you don’t need to worry about it.

If you like the design of them then you can consider one of them while purchasing the best backpacking handlebar for your mountain or even road or gravel bike.


  • Build quality is very strong
  • Reducing the cramping of Arms
  • It is very comfortable and increase the control factor
  • it is suitable for off-road biking


  • Lack of marking on the handlebar that needs to focus on

5.FSA Adventure Compact Drop Handlebar

Just like the other product of this, that is one of royal style high-quality bike-packing handlebar. Its Clamp Diameter of this handlebar is Ø31.8mm with a 34 x 21 ergonomic oval section.

It is extremely comfortable and increases the control level at high speed so if you looking for one of the best then we recommend you to buy this one. You will be satisfied with the quality and experience of this amazing handlebar.

Overall the construction quality of this handle is amazing and loved by many people who actually use this handlebar. You will love it after using this handlebar.


  • Construction quality is very sturdy
  • It is extremely comfortable
  • Available in different size
  • Increase the control level at high speed
  • Get very positive feedback from actual user


  • Not Found

6.WHISKY – Winston Carbon Mustache Handlebar

WHISKY is another best handlebar choice having amazing features and long-time working quality not only that all a rider needs this WHISKY bikepacking handle provides.

The best thing about this WHISKY item is it provides 5 years of long-time warranty which means it’s a long-time worker get now without any hesitation.

The WHISKY item contains 27 inches within the width of 1-inch almost which makes certain it’s easy to assemble and adjustable in mostly MTB BMX and other expensive bikes like Santa Cruz etc.

This is best with Unidirectional and made with hard carbon material and provides a level of satisfaction and stiffness.

The WHISKY includes 73-degree Backweeps which ensures it’s a quality choice for many roads mountains and street bikes.

Having low weight which ensures it’s easy to customize and hold as a part-time while long tracks and routes.

Installation of WHISKY handlebars is simplest and easily adjust versatility up and downside positions.


  • Good with 73 degree Backsweep
  • Fast and easy customization
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Unidirectional
  • Long time working
  • Low cost

Cons :

  • No

7.Spank Flare 25 Vibrocore

The Spank is last in our 7 best BikePaking handlebars collection having amazing and super quality features and abilities that’s handlebars should be.

This Spank has 25 inches in length with 7 inches f width almost not only that the low weight of the handlebar is best for assembling and storing and this Spank has 1 pound in weight. Working excellent for men.

Good hard steel material ensures it’s a long-time worker for your bike and adjusts easily according to user needs.

The Spank has vibrating damping and stiffer carbon bars which increase its worth and helps the riders to implement this type of handles bars more immediately.

Not only that this is best for BMX and MTB bikes and other mountain bikes also increase its worth.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Long time worker
  • Good alloy Alumuium steel material
  • Best for mountains bikes


  • Only Suitable for men riders


Professional and matures knows who important handlebars are and who handlebars help in gripping and control of the bike and for this purpose picking a comfortable and rider engaging choice should be your first priority and that’s why I emphasize you must go with WHISKY – No.7 Aluminum Alloy Drop Handlebar because its includes a good quality material warranty and 12-degree flare which means all a bike handle or a rider needs this will provide you.

Secondly, the Ritchey Venturemax COMP O/S BB is also an amazing choice having all super qualities and long time working features and abilities so if you choose another option after whole article reading I again point up and spotlight towards our top 3 collections these are super with his features this will never dishonor you riding.

Share your thought on which one you pick? WHY

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