9 Best Budget Mountain Bike Helmet

A helmet with having a high price gives the same clarity as to the cheap one. In case some of the costly Hemet provides goos material but mountain helmet is good with EPS and Polycarbonate outer shell which ensures best rider safety.

To pick the best budget mountain bike helmet having a safety ventilation lights feature is not hard now because after 9 years of experience and my selling ensure me to identify the helmet which is best which not.

I pick out 11 best budget mountain bike helmet for you which meets with all protective feature and every biker having a choice and same Smart4u smart helmet is my choice for you and I personally emphasize you to go with this one if not don’t worry top 5 helmets are best in all and my top experience.

A helmet having good safety is best but feature likes vents and light and adjustment is also valuable so picking from the first 5 is ideal for long time riding.

9 Best Budget Mountain Bike Helmet

  1. Smart4u smart helmetOpens in a new tab.
  2. GIRO Fixture helmetOpens in a new tab.
  3. Exclusky mountain helmetOpens in a new tab.
  4. PHZ bike helmetOpens in a new tab.
  5. Fox Head helmetOpens in a new tab.
  6. GIRO Hele MIPSOpens in a new tab.
  7. West Biking helmetOpens in a new tab.
  8. GIRO Tremour helmetOpens in a new tab.
  9. XAZARA Bike helmetOpens in a new tab.

1.Smart4u Smart helmet

This helmet having a super safety feature having amazing head protection. Smart helmet covers large size head circumference also. This is made with polycarbonate and EPS form which ensures the safety of cyclists.

Smart helmet having the main feature of Bluetooth 4.1 with a sensitive wireless system which means it’s an air resistance decreaser and gibe clear communication if you bike at speed of 25km per hour.

This Bluetooth feature is the best of this Smart helmet quality because it helps to pick calls to get the right indication and most important if you separate while on the trail then by one click its becomes voice navigation easy.

It covers heads from 54 to 58 and the Smart helmet design refers 45 plus age person having a large head adjust easily. This also includes 6 LED lights feature which is patented silkscreen and these lights cover 150-meter distance easily.

The LED lights are the best choice in night biking on the other side it helps also in stormy situations and makes trail navigation simple. Customizing is easy.


This Smart helmet material is awesome in the crashing situation means the helmet shell is made of polycarbonate and the internal side of the helmet is made with EPS foam both are able to defend hard crashing stats which’s why it’s proven that it is saves human head completely.

So because of shells its ensures a fear-free journey on hard mountain trails straight roads bumpy roads etc. Both men and women can use it.

Having 13 vents for ventilation. These 13 vents help clearly in hot conditions by giving us visible and cool air access. All-time best with all helmer features.

This includes SOS Trigger which is made in 3 axes of gravitational acceleration type sensor that works like a biker guard means if you connect this with GPS then in any accidental crashing slipping condition it indicates your areas and rescue become easy.

This Smart Helmet is a superb choice that’s why I Personally experienced and emphasize you don’t let it anywhere and get now.

2.GIRO Fixture helmet-Large had circumference coverage

The GIRO Fixture is the best Amazon seller which means it’s a top budget-friendly choice with suitable features.

Like upper, this also provides a top-level safety that ensures you complete protection.

This has a major feature that its cover is large in size from 58 to 65 cm means its cover head having a large circumference.

This is tested GIRO Fixture helmet ensures safety on mountains roads or mountain climbing also. This consists MIPS System which works in redirecting energy while crashing slipping. Many compatibles for women also, in fact, adults also get benefits from this.

Using this while road skating or mountain climbing is optional and safe. It includes 18 vents for use coolness these ventilation vents work compatible with cyclist and in tough hot trails, its refers to biker to get the coolness and visible airflow when needs.

GIRO Fixture Providing simple and easy customization. The material of the GIRO Fixture is molded constructs and able to absorb crashing situation on the other case adjusted by covering head back and forth enables complete head safety.

3.Exclusky mountain helmet

The Exclusky is the best helmet brand for biking and provides pure safety for users. This Exclusky helmet is also best with medium head coverage of 54 to 58cm. This is suitable for people age between 15 to 45.

Exclusky is best with multi design adjusting and covers small-medium heads easily. The Exclusky helmet is made of in-mold construction and the inner side of the helmet is best with EPS foam and outer shell with PC defend the hurdles and save person while crashes.

It includes 12 vents for airflow and vents with ventilation provide lovable features of airflow while peddling in hot summer conditions. Best for adult men women.

Low cost.

If you live in hot areas this Exclusky helmet improves your cooling access. This also includes USB Which is recharging with 3 light modes and Exclusky lighting is specially designed for night conditions cyclists who love rides in the night get much light to benefit from this.

Charging takes fewer minutes and provides a lot of time to charge running. Exclusky is low in weight which means its secrets are not burde while setting on the head or while adjustment. This Exclusky helmet is best for mountain steeps roads and also best for mountain climbing.

4.PHZ bike helmet

This helmet provides head coverage from 59 to 61 cm which is normally medium and large head size. This PHZ helmet is one of the best budget mountain bike helmets having a USB Recharging feature and many more.

PHZ includes a rechargeable lights feature that works for night’s conditions to give fear-free riding. This has 3 lights modes which are slow-fast flash and steady and these all are work best with his time but slow flash works for 2 nights almost which is beneficial for long riding.

It also provides a USB Recharging cable with a bag for storing your water and more thing in fact after using adjusting the helmet is more reliable. You can enjoy this ride on mountain rads bumpy roads and narrow trails also. Helmet safety ensures your complete head protection. So it’s the fearfree rider.

This includes lightweight and creates no burden on the head while peddling.PHZ has a weight of 300 grams and while adjusting on the head no tension occurs.

These PHZ helmets also provide 23 large ventilation vents for grooving airflow which helps you to get cooling freshness when you ride in heat areas and take stress without airing. So in such faces, the PHZ helmet is a special helper of a biker. This is best with a budget.

The PHZ helmet is not only for ens it also works and provides easy adjustments for men’s adult teens and women also because of the 61cm circumference coverage.

The strap of PHZ provides no tension or swelling sweating while tightening or losing so you easily adjust your need.

5.Fox Head helmet

Fox Head helmets are the best to head covering for men with MIPS system. This is not for the large heads but best for small adult teen men and women.

  • Fox Head is best with 13 inches of length and 7 inches in height.
  • This has solid polycarbonate material that is a fender of the head while crashes situation.
  • It includes the best inner EPS foam having perfect comfort while cycling and provides no head burden.
  • Best with medium head coverage helps to adjust on your head according to your needs.
  • This also includes ventilation in the optimal system and that helps to access cyclists by giving cool oxygen.
  • This is simple and easy to adjust on the head. Its 360-degree fitting is too suitable to covers a head circumference.
  • Having 3 visor points.
  • Adjustment goggles and compatible for men women also.


The GIRO is another best budget helmet in 2021 and fulfilled all user safety conditions by its material. This helmet covers head circumference from 50 to 57 and is coated with Matte black color which looks awesome.

This GIRO is safety-proven and has a MIPS Construction system that ensures its safety more widely.

This is made in molded construction and that’s why its outer shells and inner EPS Foam ensure the safety of heads while crashing and slipping on mountains. People between 15 to 35 age are easily getting benefits from this helmet.

Opens in a new tab.GIRO Hele has 22 vents that help cyclists to get airflow while hot summer and get relief oxygen access in cooling form. This is the best work full and protective helmet in mountain steeps and bumpy trails with safe materials.

7.West Biking helmet

This one is another cheap and super worker and head protector for mountain climbing. This West Biking is all in 1 feature and required less price. This is US CPSC Certified.

This includes super polycarbonate material to protect the outer shell of the head and inside made with EPS foam which also works superbly in crashing hard conditions.

It can also include mold construction which more ensures its safety level and gives satisfaction to the user.

Not that the West Biking helmet also includes head coverage for 15 to 45 age person easily it’s a better choice with 58 to 62 cm circumference protection. This strap of tightening is not taught to tied and provides easy fitting and saves the neck from swelling and sweating.

This West Biking is best with lightweight and having 300 grams weight this is easy to carry and adjust and while fighting or cycling no burden occur on the mind.

It has 12 vents which are important for air access and in West Biking this 12 ventsomfortably and provides super coolness and visible access to oxygen in heat conditions.

It also includes the best reflective stripes and West Biking stripes that work on both sides of helmets to increase their protection level while biking and at the night the 360 coverage helps the riders back of your side get an indication.

The indication is easy on friends tripping. This also includes pads that are washable according to your needs but after use cleaning, the helmet saves from germs. It also includes super comfort women and makes their riding easy inroads bumpy trails and urban narrow cuties also.

So it is the best choice for long-time paddling. West Biking also includes shock absorption qualities and gives you fear-free riding.

8.GIRO Tremour helmet

This is best with small head coverage from 47 to 54 cm and having Natte black coating. This GIRO Tremour helmet includes proven qualities of safety and working compatibility for adults teens and youth.

GIRO Tremor helmet is MIPS System with ROC LOC Sports fitting which ensures head safety in a good safe adjusting.

Customizing is simple and easy. Using for mountain climbing also. This is light in weight and gives no head burden while fitting or while pedaling.

Weight is 16 Ounces.

This also provides 18 vents for ventilation and while in hot areas these vents holes provide user comfort with a level of satisfaction and user get cooling easily. It’s Certified with US CPSC.

9.XAZARA Bike helmet

This is last in our collection but it doesn’t mean having fewer features it’s too low in cist but provides the valuable feature for riding.

This XAZARA Bike helmet covers head circumference from 57 to 62 cm and is best for women but men and youth can easily adjust with his suitable adjusting. This is made with PVC polycarbonate is the material for a helmet and in case crashing save from hurdles and damages.

It includes a visor also you can remove this if you don’t need it. Best a decent worker for the head and with the detachable front shade you get more satisfaction. The design color is awesome.

Having aerodynamic ventilation which helps bikers in hot conditions and gives biker visible access of cool air. This XAZARA also includes lightweight which provides comfort and no burden on the head while adjustment and fitting in case of riding the lightweight do not unfix and no tension occurs.

This XAZARA Bike is inside made with EPS foam which is the best comfort provides to the head and safe from slipping and crashing conditions also.


A good cyclist knows how important to wear a helmet and get secureness same as that helmet with good protection gives for the free journey.

The best helmet is those that give safety features and budget-friendly criteria and these below are top in this category.

These helmets are those I Personally prefer to my self and my friends so its good steps if you go with this one and its true anything you buy needs satisfaction but after buying and seeing or performing with their feature increase your experience and satisfaction more.

Pick your best one and tell us in the comments which one you choose and where you ride.

Sharing your experience with us is delightful for me and if you make riding videos person trails pedaling share on our social media platforms.

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