8 Best Mountain Bike Gear Shifter

Have you been having issues along with your shifting? Possibly you’re finding that it is troublesome to find the proper gears, or possibly your chain is dropping?

You might have found that the shifter on your current bicycle isn’t the quality that you simply need the best mountain bike gear shifter. Luckily, you’ll find mountain bicycle shifters on the showcase nowadays that you just can swap out with the ones you have got currently.

There are some incredible shifters accessible that can give you unwavering quality, consolation, and ease of use. Of course, because there are so numerous distinctive alternatives out there, it means that sorting through the alternatives and finding the finest can be troublesome.

We get it that you simply don’t have a long time to sort through hundreds of choices, so we have worked to create your life very a bit simpler.

Below, you’ll be able to learn more approximately what we have found to be the leading mountain bike shifters accessible nowadays. Check them out to see which one may well be right for your needs.

How to Shift Bike Gears ?

  • To move onto a diverse chainring/gear up front, use your cleared-out shifter.
  • To move one of the raise gears (and how you’ll move most frequently), utilize your right shifter.
  • For smoother moving, pedal gently while using the shifter. Don’t back-pedal.
  • In the event that you’re pedaling as well quickly, and there isn’t sufficient resistance, move into a harder adapt. You’ll also go speedier.
  • In the event that you’re pedaling as well moderate, and it’s difficult to turn over the pedals, don’t be anxious to move into a simpler adapt. It’s superior to ride at a more effective cadence anyway.
  • Another way to think of it: In both the front and back, “Moving the chain closer to the bicycle makes it simpler, and moving the chain absent from the bicycle makes you faster,” was submitted by one of our perusers, ft chambers.
  • Finally, hone makes culminate. Play around with moving, and see how it feels to ride in numerous gears.

What types of Shifters are Available?

Typically, there are three main types of shifters:

  • Twin-lever triggers
  • Electric shifters
  • Twist shifters

1-Twin-lever triggers

These are the foremost common type of mountain bike shifter; they have two triggers, one for changing up a gear and another for changing down a gear. Twin-lever shifters are utilized by Shimano (Rapidfire) and SRAM (X-ACTUATION and Exact Actuation) who are the most manufacturers of mountain bicycle groupsets.

2- Electric shifters

Presently that Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, and FSA all make electronic drivetrains, and the innovation has been tried, changed, and created within the final decade, nearly every high-end bike comes with a charging cable.

If you’re still riding a bike with mechanical shifters, you will be considering an overhaul to electronic bicycle shifters.

Shimano has presently discharged an XTR Di2 electronic move framework for mountain biking. The battery-fueled Di2 framework guarantees that shifts are totally immediate – you’ll too hold down the shifter to alter gear over the complete cassette in one motion.

3-Twist shifters

These are the other main type of shifter that works very essentially by bending the instrument that’s the portion of the grasp on the handlebar. SRAM makes a bent shifter called Hold Move but there are moreover other fabricates of this type of shifter.

What is the Best Mountain bike gear shifter?

Understanding the components of your mountain bicycle is important. You wish to get what each portion does, how it works, and how it can be supplanted to keep your MTB in incredible condition.

Best Mountain Bike Gear shifter

A bicycle shifter controls the adapting instrument on your bicycle. Shifters move the bicycle chain between the chainrings and the cogs on the raise cassette. These shifters are found on the handlebar for simple moves.

  • Shimano Shifters SL-TX30 Tourney 3×7 Pair
  • SRAM XX1 Eagle
  • SRAM Eagle X01 Eagle
  • Shimano Deore XT SL-M8000 Shifters
  • Enbo ST-EF51 3×8 Speed Rapid Fire Shifter Trigger Shifters
  • Sram MRX Comp Twister Mountain Bike Shifter
  • SunRace Mountain or Folding Bike Twistshift Shifter
  • Shimano Rapidfire Plus SL-M670

Let’s get started:

1-Shimano Shifters SL-TX30 Tourney 3×7 Pair

If you’re an owner of old bikes whose dropouts can acknowledge as it centered adequately wide for 7 speeds cassettes, are trusting to shed a few total weight by updating the portions, and have wallets that are on the light side.

Then the SL-TX30 Competition 3×7 is an outright need for you. Its thin plan and fast tap moving make this shifter incredible. Once you adjust it correctly, you’ll be able to shift real fast and precisely.

The Shimano SL-TX30 Competition could be a shockingly high-quality 7-speed manual non-indexed shifter. It is well built, looks palatable mount, and works way better than most grasp shifters.

The shifter is made of plastic and metal. The lever on this SL-TX30 shifter applies sufficient constrain on the down-shift, and up-shifts are by means of the thrust of a button.

Regarding the weight distinction between the ancient XT and the modern TX, you may not identify a difference. By and large, this shifter would be an incredible overhaul for your bicycle.

  • 6 and 7 speed ordered SIS shifting
  • Optical adapt display for confirmation of gear position
  • 7 speeds manual non-indexed shifter
  • Sold as a combine and comes with cables
  • Easy to install
  • Speeds: 3 x 7
  • The shifters work incredible for essential use
  • These don’t come with cable walled in areas

2-SRAM XX1 Eagle

SRAM’s palpably effective, climate insensible, sweet moving execution XX1 is the finest XC transmission available Buy in the event that, You’re not a customary shake knocker and you need the lightest Falcon 12-speed choice.

After endless hours of tenacious path riding and dashing, SRAM’s gold anodized XX1 Falcon bunch still sparkles brighter than any other XC gearset. The gigantic 50t 12th cog gives the something else one-piece machined steel square a 500 percent adapt extend.

As proved by the light sum of wear on the dark 50t cog, I’ve used it once in a while, indeed on the super-soak slants of the Persistent 24hr race at Fortification William. For the record, I’ve not utilized the 10t littlest adapt much, so it’s not that I’m running as well as little a chainring either.

  • Consistent move over massive run, super proficient feel
  • More fragile than X01, XX1 is lighter

3- SRAM Eagle X01 Eagle

Expensive but a quantum jump in equip run, move execution, and transmission durability Buy in case, You need the smoothest moving, cleanest feeling, and most proficient super-wide run transmission around and in its most fetched viable and trail-proof arrange.

In terms of the gear bundle (raise mech, shifter, cassette, and chain) it’s 79g heavier than 11-speed SRAM XO1 (and indeed 15g heavier than SRAM GX) in gear terms, but incorporate the wrenches and it’s 48g lighter than its forerunner.

Where XO1 Eagle wins is by including an entirety modern level of work over any past mechanical groupset. Most clearly the 12-speed, 10-50T cassette gives a gigantic 500 percent gear extend without any cumbersome expanding gaps in accelerating beat.

  • Speedier, cleaner, calmer moving execution, and more effective feeling drive over all the climbing or level out charging gears you would like. Expanded chainring, chain, and cassette wear life offsets the high cost.
  • Heavier and significantly more expensive than XTR. There are stiffer, lighter cranks.

4– Shimano Deore XT SL-M8000 Shifters

The lever ergonomics of the raise shifter is very pleasant and remained fresh all through my test indeed with as it were one cable and lodging change.

As it were the thing that required consideration was the substitution of many sets of brake cushions, 2 chains, and backing off the pressure of the clutch on the raise derailleur.

We’ve had many bikes now with XT 11 speed and it appears that after a few months of difficulty riding the clutch (a portion of the derailleur that oversees pressure on-chain) appears to tie and does not move as freely.

When the clutch begins authoritative and you hear expanded commotion beneath raise stun compression. I had been told that the clutch may require oil, but after one or two endeavors to oil the clutch, there was zero alter.

The remedy for me was to basically drag the elastic cover back and utilize a hex torque to back a slight sum pressure off the clutch till the noise is gone.

  • Smooth moving and awesome lever ergonomics
  • Low substitution costs for the chain, cassette, and brake pads
  • Great taken a toll on esteem ratio
  • Durability indeed after a few minor hits to the raise derailleur.
  • Restricted equip extend compared to Sram 12 speed \
  • The rear derailleur a bit boisterous after moderately moo miles
  • Inconsistent brake lever feel as cushions wear or at tall heights

5- Enbo ST-EF51 3×8 Speed Rapid Fire Shifter Trigger Shifters

These sturdy shifters are made of strong steel that’s outlined to resist rough handling. The body is rough sufficient to assist you to move gears for as numerous miles as you want to go.

The bracket is made of painted aluminum and the base is made of long-lasting resin. These shifters are made for a level or riser bars with an ergonomic thumb level.

Your fingers will not get squeezed or harmed as you’re attempting to move to equip on a challenging path. They too come with a list finger trigger for the least demanding moving experience.

Besides, they come with an optical show that tells you precisely which adapt you’re in. They are the culminate shifters for different hand shapes.

  • Budget-friendly shifters.
  • Aluminum painted bracket.
  • Accurate and exact shifting.
  • Seat for level and riser bars.
  • Ergonomic thumb lever.
  • Installing these shifters is not very easy.

6- Sram MRX Comp Twister Mountain Bike Shifter

They use SRS innovation for light, exact ordering. Genuine moving execution is precise whether your ride of choice incorporates delicate street or in-your-face off-road rides.

The MRX Comp Tornado MTB Shifters will take you there with a fresh, positive response. The MRX Comp Shifters are ordered to move three positions for gears, and also highlight different areas permitting micro-adjustments for the front derailleur alignment.

These are simple to introduce taking after the establishment instruction and coordinates plan updates in expansion to the material. The set comes with grasps and long cables too. Overall, this is often a great item in this cost run.

It could be a fundamental shifter, works amazing, and installation instruction is clear to take after. SRAM MRX Comp Bend Shifters offer you smooth moving and solid development. They move an SRAM or Shimano front derailleur.

  • Serious moving execution for a recreational world
  • Index & Micro-adjust front shifter options
  • Compatible with Shimano raise derailleur, SRAM, or Shimano front derailleur
  • SRS innovation for light, exact indexing
  • Index & Micro-adjust front shifter options
  • Easy cable alter.
  • It is just the left shifter

7- SunRace Mountain or Folding Bike Twistshift Shifter

The SRAM X3 is highlighting demonstrated ergonomics and award-winning 1:1 Activation. They as it were work with an SRAM raise derailleur.

These are a great choice, and the installation is straightforward. They are exceptionally precise, and the double activity makes shifting smooth and dependable.

These shifters matched with an SRAM raise derailleur impact the bike to move awesome. Shifting is correct and to a tall degree expedient.

The SRAM trigger moving activity in addition straightforward to perform and does not involve the sick impacts of inadvertent developments like hold shifters.

The set moreover comes with cables and easy-to-read equipment moving marker. In any case, usually an amazing bargain for the cost.

The set moreover comes with cables and easy to examined equip moving marker. Be that as it may, this is an excellent deal for the cost.

  • Easy to install Includes cables, simple to examined indicator
  • SRAM 2-lever trigger moving performance
  • Award-winning 1:1
  • Actuation SRAM shifters work with SRAM rear derailleur
  • 7 Speed Rear
  • A bit costly compared to accessible comparable versions.
  • The shifters are beautiful much all plastic.

8- Shimano Rapidfire Plus SL-M670

The Shimano SLX M670 shifter comes in two interesting mounting styles ISPEC mount and standard handlebar mount. ISPEC mount will join your Shimano circle brake levers.

This alternative offers less clutter on the bike handlebar. It moreover permits the brake lever brackets to be put in the interior of the shifters, which gives superior control over shifting.

They moreover have separable move pointers. Generally, they work idealized, are worth the money, and they work against the requirements for anything more costly.

This can be the highest esteem shifter within the Shimano environment. With rider-tuned Shimano Rapidfire Additionally SL-M670, you’ll be able to ride how you like over any terrain.

The Shimano Rapidfire Furthermore SL-M670 offers instinctive adapt combinations for ideal control conveyance. No matter how rough, or sloppy the path, you get the extreme off-road soundness. These shifters work superbly with SLX Front or Raise derailleur.

  • Light and simple Moving operation
  • Compact Optical Equip Display
  • 3x/2x mode converter
  • ISPEC mount and standard handlebar mount
  • Works superbly with SLX Front or Raise derailleur
  • Average weight is 265g/pair
  • Comparable alternatives are accessible at this cost extend!


If it is the time to replace/upgrade the shifters of your mountain bicycle, go for the superior choice that suits your bicycle best. Shimano Shifters SL-TX30 Tourney 3×7 Pair best mountain bike gear shifter Before acquiring the item examined the equip shifter audits legitimately.

In case you’re a professional, you as of now know what suits your MTB best. Then discover out the newly included highlights as they were. In this article, our experts attempted to provide you the data and convenience of the leading MTB shifters accessible on the net.

Trust, you found these audits and the buying direct accommodating whereas buying your fundamental shifter.



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