9 Best Mountain Bike Helmet Under 100$

A mountain biker is the toughest and enjoys the full version of biking and he can enjoy fear-free riding when he completed his safety properly and protection started from the helmet.

Helmets with a price above 100 do not mean they are too best even Giro Syntax is one of the best mountain bike helmets near 100. This provides the same features and protectiveness that’s helmet safety demands. But mostly the difference between expensive and less cost is their frame.

On the other helmets with good material safety and head, medium-large coverage is much applicable and compatible.

Choosing a helmet with medium size which means 50 to 63 cm is head adaptable and has good ventilation and straps.

According to my riding experience, there are a lot of helmets in the market choosing one of the best is now hard as everyone knows to improve its riding so it’s better to get information first and then buy.

That’s, why I chose the 13 best mountain bike helmet under 100 dollars and explains their major features that are, which helps you to get satisfaction.

At the end of the blog, you are able to choose your favorite one buy my suggestion for I must go with the top 3 because it’s my own experience and selling.

Why should I look for when buying a bike helmet?

Helmets having safety and head protection is should be your priority but on the other side there are some features that are helmets should be.

For this purpose medium size helmets having 50 to 63 cm size is the most preamble and condition fulfiller.

  1. Ventilation
  2. Visor softy
  3. Easy installing
  4. ABS Polycarbonate good Material
  5. Very lightweight
  6. Softy Visor for Burden free head

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9 best mountain bike helmet under 100 dollar

In the rush of helmets, cheap helmets don’t mean it’s not meeting on safety they are also good with interior mesh visors and most important protected proven. Choosing a helmet-less than 100 dollars is a good and suitable choice for new bikers.

1.Giro Tremor helmet-Amazon Choice

Quick review

This universal designed helmet is another top long time running for cyclers in actual it’s a top-selling helmet. Giro helmet provides much amazing adjustment safety and many ventilation features.

This is test proved brand provides head adjustment at medium size 50 to 57 cm which easily covers person age between 15 to 45/50. This has super MIPS integrated safety which ensures head inner-outer safety perfectly with LOC SPORT fitting features.

It includes certification of US CPSC. Easy maintenance and installation. Helpful price and strap. This Giro helmet provides 18 vents for user safety.

Having lightweight which ensures easy carrying on the head and makes the head free. The Interior visor is fully protected for the ear and gives a good feel and helps in taking breath easily with less strap stretching.

Material with polycarbonates focuses shells, good protector, in hurdles and mountain crashing so it’s fear-free protection. Enjoying cycling with this helmet is fully comfort peoples who know well about helmets must use this model.

2.Exclusky Aero helmet-Best for all

Quick review

This is another best mountain helmet compatible with good features and low cost. Exclusky helmet is made with polycarbonate and having good numbers in safety as my personal experience about Exclusky Aero is massive according to safety and ventilation.

This helmet provides US CPC certification. Actually, its PC outside shell works to save cyclists in slipping or sliding situations and prevents bad injuries.

Good for steep terrains mountains and bumpy roads. Maintenance provider with head size 56 to 61 cm. Such medium size is good for every human in middle age.

Secureness and safety are proven that’s why I pick this in my collection. The helmets inside are connected with EPS foam which is a good impact absorbing and protected every head corner to crush with the ground.

Exclusive Aero Provides the best protection of UV rays with a detachable magnet and saves the user if they riding in mild summers and day times. This has the best comfort for both men and women.

Easy adjusting. The Exclusky helmet has 8 ventilation vents that help in airflow in temperature conditions and give access to users to take a cool breath easily.

Having lightweight with 340 grams helps the head in comfort carry and simple Google adjustments. Because of its low weight, you can easily feel head free ride with a good inner coating.

3.Atphfety mountain helmet

Quick review

Atphfety is another friendly helmet having a fully protected PC shell with better EPS foam that ensures safety on tough hard mountain roads with head durability.

Having head adjustment at 55 to 61 cm level. Best in all major protection and men’s women’s adult’s children useable all find comfort with this Atphfety helmet.

This helmet has a 290-gram weight. Actually, the best about the Atphfety helmet is its 15 long vents protection that helps users while cycling by giving access to air and if you ride in hot conditions in summer it enables airflow that provides comfort.

Atphfety helmet is comfortable with padding while riding because its absorbing is excellent and save from swelling and sweat.

Low in Cost

It includes straps made with nylon which helps chin stabilization with comfort. Stripping easy without neck swelling. Good ability of camera and detaching is simple if you riding in night’s thunder conditions then it’s the best and super helmet that’s adjust your light where you want.

Such an Atphfety helmet does not only work for mountain roads is also compatible. The Interior visor is a softy.

The visor mostly helps in mountain riding when you ride on bumpy trails visor provider a smooth soft feel to the ear and head without irritating jumps.

Fitting adjustability is durable because it works with 360 and you can easily adjust this helmet according to your head and fit or unfit one inch.

4.O Neal Tactical helmet

Quick review

This is suitable for large size heads with a good safety level and protection. This is an amazing road and mountain bike helmets even work in all categories.

This O Neal helmet is made with ABS material which ensures its protection at a good level.

This also includes a super shell that protects the human head in crush or slipping condition by its solid construction. Having 3.53 pounds weight almost.

Good coverage of head with 14 inches length and 11 inches width. The Interior strap is easy to join no stretching is required depending on the user to release or tight strap.

O Neal Tactical also includes the best durable vents that also provides coolness in hard summer conditions and make user free from swelling and sweat. Another advantage of this O Neal helmet is its flock magnet buckle which helps in simple realization.

If you ride in bumpy conditions these standard bike helmets provide much absorption of heat with an inner softy visor.

The visor is good in all conditions of trial and softness, not damaged heads and due to the soft visor no effect of weight on the head.

5.Bell Nomad MIPS

Quick review

This helmet provides medium head coverage with 53 to 60 inches almost and is best for adult men and women also. A person having aged 15 to 45 is suitable and safe with this helmet.

It includes a material with polycarbonate shell work with EPS foam that completely works clear and is safe for humans. Visor compatibility is better no burden or harm to the ear or head.

This includes Having 15 vents for ventilation. This Bell Nomad has a MIPS system that ensures the forces rotate inside helmets gives them direction and providing face comfort to saving by sweat and swelling.

Bell Nomad MIPS is cheap in price. Good with Matte black coating. The best thing about this helmet it’s Ego fitting which does not demand much stretching of straps and provides tightened safety.

It includes fast adjustment and customizing. Certification with CPSC.

6.Giro Verse helmet

Quick review

The Giro Verse helmet is best with size coverage of 50 57 cm and coated with Matte Midnight color. This has a MIPS system for redirecting energy from slipping crashing. It has easy adjustment and installation. Provided 18 vents for ventilation.

GiroOpens in a new tab. Verse Opens in a new tab.is Certified with US CPSC. It also consists of easy fitting with its start fitting box. You can easily enjoy the journey with this on bumpy hard and mountain trails.

7.Turbo Ske helmet

Quick review

This turbo sky is another best helmet having head adjustment with a size of 589 to 61cm almost. Turbo Ske is made with super EPS inner material which is fully compiled with ASTM certified safety. Both Men’s women are useable.

Less in cost.

its external bar is made with ABS material that’s super protected by the inner shell with heavy density EPS foam absorbs socks from internal head sides. Turbo Ske provides ventilation which is audio reliable and its adjustable ventilating helps in airflow in heavy temperatures.

Another advantage of this helmet designed with vents incompatible with google and glasses. Adjustment is valuable to maintained balance in every climate because EPS material shells protected the head in crushing conditions.

This provides suitable use of helmets in every bumpy road and mountain also.

8.O Near unisex helmet

Quick review

This is a medium-size head coverage helmet best with 1450 grams weight and the best thing about this is it’s useable in all categories. O Near is a helmet that’s used in bumpy roads mountains streets even also on snowmobiles.

Having dual vents and the best ventilation provides for colling and breathing. Certified with DOT ECE. Well designed for men and women. O Near helmet is a 2 series helmet with 16 inches in length and 12 inches in height. It’s a valuable and comfortable helmet for all trail paths.

9.Giro Vasona helmet

Quick review

This was last in our collection and provides the best head adjustment at a set level of 50 57 cm. Giro Vasona is cheap in price. Mainly works with universal designed fitting and women-friendly.

This Giro Vasona provides 22 vents. Having US CPSC safety certification. This has MIPS which ensures help in crashing or slipping conditions by its directional energy absorption.

It’s already tested and proven that it’s fear-free easily works in hard mountain steeps and bumpy roads. The comfort land adjustment rate is excellent with ROC LOC SPORTS MIPS features. Coated with matte black.

Top feature that our 13 bike helmets provided

  1. Good Ventilation for head coldness
  2. Head complete protection
  3. Good for googles or glasses secureness
  4. Easy maintenance
  5. Material is solid
  6. Easy carry lightweight
  7. Visor protects from sun and UV comes on face
  8. Softy Visor for Burden free head
  9. Head adjustment is 1 inch free

When should bikes be avoided?

If you really care about yourself then it’s important to choose the best safety helmet and bike kit.

The below situation demands extra care so you must apply a good bike kit on the body and enjoy the whole journey.

Avoided in such conditions.

  1. In Stormy conditions
  2. Without safety helmet
  3. In too hard steeps
  4. During night without a light helmet
  5. In high speeding paths wheres speed limit reached up to 40 MPH.
  6. In tapered lean paths


If you really enjoy and wanna safety for a long time must go with these below three because many helmets are crushing badly after one time slipping and these are heavy material and as I experienced its ability to endure bumpy and mountain crashing and protected cyclist wisely.

  1. Giro Tremor helmetOpens in a new tab.
  2. Exclusky Aero helmetOpens in a new tab.
  3. Atphfety mountain helmetOpens in a new tab.

At the end of the article tell me which one you choose and why and must share your riding videos and experience with me.

As a riding lover, I love to see people’s passions about their fear-free journey, and making it more enjoyable using a complete kit and helmet is one of them.

So comments below and tell where you trail after buying?


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