12 Best Mountain Bike Helmet | 2022

After examining almost 39 helmets almost for mountain biking I 12 Best Mountain Bike Helmet that have fulfilled all super conditions that should be in a helmet but as a ride lover, I emphasize you must spotlight our top collection.

Mountain bikers prefer safety and it’s important too which makes them secure in every steep or tough trail condition. In such conditions choosing the best mountain bike helmet in the form of Retrospec Traverse H1 helmet is should be your first pick because this one improves safety with a good inner visor and a material layer that defend tough hard hurdles.

Secondly, the Smart 4U Smart helmet is the best mountain bike helmet 2021 is a good choice with day-night features.

People who love to capture mountain climbing and riding should go with Bell Super Air camera supportable helmets which ensure full protected capturing and eye visibility.

Below is the article, I fully explained details of the 12 best mountain bike choose helmets that are helping you to get more satisfaction.

best mountain bike helmet

What should I look for when buying a bike helmet?

To buy a mountain bike helmet must apply the below factors and get applicable benefits for a long time.


A bike helmet is a thing that works like a head safety kit even it’s a specific protection part. For this purpose choosing a helmet with a suitable strip that ensures stabilization on your head should be your first priority.

A helmet with heavyweight does not mean providing protection it’s a burden and in actuality a protection caring helmet having minimum weight with head friendly.

Responsiveness of mountain helmets demands helmets gives easy comfort its stripe stretching is simple under the neck.

Helmet head comparison

Head friendly helmet is necessary for comfortable cycling.No doubt every human being has different choices and head structure that’s why before buying must check the size and weight of the helmet that help you in head comfort.

If you choose a long wide helmet then while wearing on the head in the steep mounting condition it’s unfixed even creates a red blood mark below the neck again stretching of helmet strip damages your comfort.

So choosing according to your head comparison is the best option if you get them from the market so must check before buying. In case buying online weight and size is first priority helmet having sizes between 50 to 64 is medium and best for 18 to 40 age person.

Stuffing and breathing activity

The Stuffing means the coating or material of the helmet which is most important in case of bike safety.

For example, a helmet totally made for the hard tough conditions in such a condition of accidents helmets stuff and material plays 100 percent role to save cyclists.

According to my experience of cycling, a helmet should be hypo-allergenic and good material for hard hills.

As my usage, the good stuffing demands premium shells and Smart 4U Smart helmet and Retrospec Traverse H1 helmet fulfill .condition.

On the other side helmet with easy breathing without stifles is beneficial for long time use and provides hurdle-free stretching and a reliable journey.

Helmet visor interior

This is the thing if you buy a cover head helmet like Bell Super Air then its interior visor should be soft because while biking it’s too important that the visor provides ear head softness.

A local visor helmet in smoggy and hazy condition creates a scrape and unfixes the gripping of stripes, and it’s better to check a soft visor that doesn’t move up to one and a half overhead and stay stable.

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12 best mountain bike helmet 2021

These Helmets are best for mountain safety and provide comfortable results with visor ventilation and size maintenance.

1.Retrospec Traverse H1 helmet-Self Used

The Retrospec helmet ensures its reliability with its amazing safety and long running features that’s why it is our first choice.

This Retrospec Traverse H1 helmet provides specific 10 vents for amazing temperature ordinance with ABS Design shells that ensure mich interior helmet solid protection.

  • Looks gorguios in Matte Forest .
  • Cheap in price on Amazon.
  • Mens and womans compatible.

Having a good weight of 1.2 pounds that ensures a medium length between 50 to 60 cm and is easily adjusted on 18 to 45 age. The best thing about this helmet is a shock-absorbing with EPS material.

A helmet improves its quality when it becomes certified and the Retrospec helmet is fully certified with its ABS outer and inside EPS softy foam that’s provides 200% bike comforts. Includes durable google clip which helps the user to save eye by eyewear and easy termination with plush earmuffs.

This helmet provides simple customized with one-handed in a simple touch because of ERGOKNOB and most important while cycling easily strip stretching loosing and tightened available with fix flexible strip line.

Another feature of this helmet is its safety certification with EN1077 means SKI helmets and CPSC 16 CFR helmets both these models have pure protected features that refer to cycler safety first.

On Amazon, it becomes a best seller helmet with this feature and people now prefer this because of line quality protection.

2.Smart 4U Smart helmet-Best in All

This is the second-best mountain bike helmet having the durable polycarbonate material which ensures user safety in hurdles. The main feature of this Smart helmet is its one-click Bluetooth connectivity with the phone which means it’s a blessing to enjoy a full journey helmet.

Men’s women are applicable. Actually, the Smart helmet inside installed 2 speakers for super clear calling and music activities that’s works on mountain condition to provide user comfort. Bluetooth includes 4.1 sensitivity wireless modulating that ensures easy calling at almost a speed of 25km per hour.

Having a large size means easily compatible for a high age person. Its adjustable super stripes help all medium-large head size at the rate of 21 to 83 cm. So it’s an adult to the young compatible helmet that’s why you should go with this one without hesitation.

Another amazing feature of this helmet 6 LED lighted brightened flushable beans that are conspicuous it’s a silky coating. These lights made for stormy and late-night conditions that cover a 150-meter distance while paddling.

The smart helmet is the best choice for rainy nights smoggy conditions at a medium price. Having 13 ventilations layers passage of helmets ensures much comfiness and fresh air.

The helmet’s interior softy shells also ensure a 20ST High density energetic absorbing foam means helmets works to provides not only safety provides good accidents holding energy.

Not enough it includes a 3-axis sensor SOS trigger that helps in cycling monitoring while in accident situations you can easily get connected with back agencies to get helps.

Before Steps next, I really emphasize you must go with a Smart 4U Smart helmet because of its safety-proved qualities AND I personally selling sO whats you waiting for get this and enjoy free biking.View on AmazonOpens in a new tab.

3.Bell Super Air

The Bell Super Air is our third amazing choice with amazing features. This is specially designed for trail-tough hard steep conditions. Mostly Trail bikers apply this for head complete safety.

  • Its a costly but long time safety proved.
  • Having 2.8 pounds weight.
  • It includes 8 chin and 18 hemets vents with 4 bow ports .
  • Certification of CPSC is available .

Bell Super Air provides easy head adjustable at a medium-large and small level for medium 55 to 59cm in size large 62cm and small 56cm. It includes comprehensive energy which means its spherical Flex AND MIPS ensures working with fast good speeding slow and also helps in curving impacts.

This is made with durable material that is weaved by actual silver fibers that prevent many germs like bacteria fungi which come in the form of smell and sweat.

Chin bar helps in chin fixing while trailing paddling and no need for tools for adjustment but using chin bars in over fixing limit cause dangerous damages of the neck make swelling. So it’s better to use it securely.

Bell Super is good with visor interior that provides the good softness of head and having over now ventilation helps in taking air and cooling. The visor is durable with adjustments of Google and glasses means you can wear google with a visor easily and the absence of a visor also. Adjusting camera mounts easily and demands no stitching zip or any kind of fixing tape bandage. Bell Super Air Has a Matte black camo color.

4.Giro Fixture MIPS

This Giro Fixture MIPS is the best bike helmet for women’s children and men also use it but it’s compatible designed with women’s heads easily. Giro Consists of good adjustment with medium and large sizes of almost 65cm coverage.

It includes good protection with Matte black color.

  • Having 18 ventilations.
  • Good with MIPS protection in hard roads and tough conditions.
  • Minimu in price

It provides good safety in accident conditions and the visor works greatly while bike slipping or drowning helmet material provides head interior and exterior safety.

5.Retrospec H2 helmet

This is the second Retrospec helmet in our collection providing a good weight of 1.32 pounds. Having medium and small heads compatible sizes from 54 to 58cm.

The Retrospec H2 helmet includes 14 vents that ensure temperature regulations with ABS Shells with firm material.

  • Good EPS internal shocking absorbation.
  • Esy installation with head fixing .
  • Cheap in price .

Retrospec H2 helmet google clip saves eyewear attaching. It provides a comfortable visor and stripline easily attached with a second clip under next and no swelling or tension creates. Its 3 in 1 working means helpful if you ride on mountains even if you climb mountains or snowboarding.

6.Smart 4U SH2O

This Smart helmet having 10.56 of volume and provides EPS interior safety form with outer shell PC material coating. Good with 58 to 62 cm heads adjustment.

This ensures while cycling to hear music easily because of its outer music play feature. The helmet has dual speakers which fix above the ear and while traffic or rushing conditions music p[rovides soft environments.

The main feature of Smart providing fast calling with 1 click which means while cycling you can easily hold calls video calls by its Bluetooth feature no need to hand mobile. 1 Touch means helmets having buttons to make user calling easy. Smart helmet Provides a simple and clear helmet look. Best adjustable and safety providers in mountain trails steep roads and ith easy maintenance.

7.Coros Omni helmet

This Coros Omni helmet provides head adjustments with the size of 44 to 59cm. This has polycarbonate internal shells with EPS impacts forms that provide super protection.

For rainy and smoggy conditions helmets provides a LED Light that helps you in paddling while night on roads and terrain trails. The call holding and music listing is becoming simple with this by its amazing handling remote you can play stop music by remote.

Coros helmet is a good safety provider and has an ear bone feature that ensures good audio safety to ears. Coros helmet running with his battery timing of 8 hours almost which is a long riding time.

8.Giro Visona MIPS

Giro is a Matte white universal helmet beast with a head adjustment of 57cm. Most preamble for women and provides a good comfort level with simple and easy adjustment. Its MIPS is redirecting energy while crushing or slipping with its fully protected impact system.

  • Gxiro Includes 22 vents ventilation.
  • Having US and CPSC Safety standard certification.
  • Low in price

Giro Visona includes a long time working with protected outer material. If you are riding on roads in bumpy conditions this is suitable for head protection.

9.Livall Smart bike helmet

This Livall helmet is the best bike helmet with amazing sensor features and Light features. Livall helmet Provides medium size adjustment with durable item size of 12 inches length and 7.28 inches height.

  • Best with head coverage of 55 to 59 cm .
  • Best for mens womens .
  • Certified with CPSC and CE standard and provides good lighting with tail 270-meter coverage in turns distance.

This also provides a Bluetooth feature that helps in call answering and listing music in single touch while heavy traffic and rush conditions microphones strategies stay alert you about your surroundings. Have a walk-talk feature that helps you in trail tripping to connected with your partners and meet them.

Livall Helmet is SOS alert helmet means first it provides a peaceful journey secondly in accidents conditions it has a riding Livall helmet app that connects with helmets and then sent signals immediately in a near emergency through GPS.

Livall Smart helmet Provides good design and material which save you in accident conditions. Because it’s super durable with ventilations feature Bluetooth and comfort provider.

10.Sena Smart cycling

The Sena Smart cycling is the best mountain bike helmet with a peaceful journey provider with music by an interior mic. The consists Bluetooth activity that ensures the user while paddling to puck or cut the calls by one click and picking calls is easy to listen with Bluetooth feature.

  • Hving meduim adjustment of head between 55 to 59cm.
  • You can also communicate while cycling with your other friends if any problems occur.
  • It includes proven safety design and protection.
  • The smart sena is best adventure trail for adults and children.
  • Meduim in price.
  • Having removable padding with nylon chinstrap .

11.RNOX Adult

The RNOX Adult is an EPS-protected helmet that provides super safety in hard tough hurdles conditions.

  • Having 19 vents which provides maximum ventilations.
  • RNOX Adult verge from 54 to 62cm.
  • Good with airflow while cycling in summer helmet helps in taking air and breath.
  • Certification with CPSC abd CE.
  • Both Men’s and Women’s can useable.

This RNOX helmet provides LED lights also which helps in night conditions to navigate directions provides much visibility to the eyes. It includes provides good internal foam which is helpful with decreasing the impaction force of collisions.

The inner visor of this bike is best with a protectable detachable feature means its saves eyes from the sun. Visor also includes softy design which provides comfort to ear and head with low weight.

12.Lumos Kickstart

This is the last suitable mountain bike helmet in our collection which has a good head adjustment for 54 to 61cm in size.

  • Lumos Kickstart has best feature but costly.
  • Having good comfort for mens and womens.
  • Best with 360 eye visibility light on night stormy conditions.

It also provides the pleasure-giving feature of music with Bluetooth feature and provides easy call hilding with one click. This includes the original feature of the crowdfunded helmet with an indicator that works automatically with brakes lights and is innate to cyclers.

This Lumos helmet provides CPSC F192 and some other Certifications. So it’s a better-certified item.

Final Thought:

Biking is now a passion and riding with good safety equipment ensures riders’ personalities and in order to maintain your safety, you must choose a better helmet first.

Choosing helmets as a safety provides which protects heads are tough in the rush of the market and according to my south mountain experience.

The Retrospec Traverse H1 helmet and Smart 4U Smart helmet are both much compatible with ventilation size adjustment and even provide a better safety experience in accidental conditions.

Peoples who love riding choose such helmets helping them for a long time work On the contrary many others have the best material but some of them have low mountain acceptance so it’s better to choose these kinds of helmets to stabilize your safe journey.

Must share your ride videos and give your real experience below in comments ask questions if you need any information my first priority is to give value.


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