15 Best Mountain Bike Phone Mounts | Reviews

Mostly in rocks and curve mountains unfix or smallholder short mount claw drops the phone cause damage so choosing best mountain bike phone mounts like Visnfa New Bike mountOpens in a new tab. which have a stylish solid look and provides reliable fixing in tough airy condition this should be your first choice.

Such bike mount provides convenient up-gradation with 360-degree spherical rotation and mountains secureness that’s stable phone safety and fulfills biking demands.

While bike pedaling on mountains staying linked with the phone is necessary to enjoy the whole journey and sometimes it’s important to make music videos or use a stopwatch to calculate timing in such condition adjustable compatible best bike holder is obligatory.

Monitoring with GPS now becomes live and simple by the implementation of fearless bike mounts and getting a destination soon.

On the contrary, if you are on a rocky mountain and perform paddling while tour in such situations connecting each second with others is valuable for safety and making memories.

So We explain the 15 best mountain bike phone mounts 2021 that provide safety from grime and dirty rocks water while sprinkling.

These best mounts are mostly buying so you get it easily without a hard interception.

Things noticed before buying best phone mount for mountain bike – Buyer’s Guide

These major factors should help you before picking a phone mount because these are beneficial phone mount functionalities that actually fulfill your needs.

Simple Customization

Phone mount providing easy customization is best and valuable for the user because some times While paddling or cycling mounts demands tools tightening or fixing is hard to stabilize and cause phone dropped choosing mount with simple 1 to 2 the second customization is surely easy to access with holder and rotateable.

Long-Lasting Meterial

Phone mounts with light cheap material drop down the phone while ringing vibration or rotation video mostly reliable is to use the mount which is well-built with easy stretching rubber material or some type of steel or plastic bending material which provides safety in rocky trails and makes journey stronger and fear-free.

So instead of picking cheap material use costly valuable mounts.

Easy Adjustable

You should choose a compatible Phone mount with rotary features that provide you with easy adjustment and quality because some mounts are hard to attach with a bike holder even in rocky or fasten trail skip or skip down and disturb the whole track.

So choosing a mount having reliable adjustment moves back and forth easily and secures your phone.

Phone Gripping

The phone mounts provide smart gripping easily holding mobile phones with a size of 4 to 8 inches and secure them. On the other side choosing, loose griping does not provide clock anti-clock direction and skit phone and makes touch difficult while cycling.

Best mountain bike phone mounts

15 best mountain bike phone mounts 2021

  • Visnfa New Bike mount –Best in all
  • VUP Universal bike mount
  • Thikpo Bike mount
  • Water Proof phone mount
  • KIWIHOME Bike mount
  • Gobeigo Anti-Shake
  • Aonkey Bike mount
  • MYS Biker mount
  • FITFORT Bike mount
  • Lipeeya bike mount
  • Zoeson bike mount
  • Cyclepsartener bike mount
  • Mini-Factory bike mount
  • Bike phone mount bad holder
  • Thick-Case bike mount

1-Visnfa New Bike mount

This is one of the best universal cheap and Amazon best choice phone mounts with a peak level of phone safety and solid holder gripping.

Visnfa phone mount provides an amazing 4 stainless steel clamp with arms and provides support corners to the user which ensures phone security by attaching phone handlebars. Visnfa is known as super stability and safety

This phone mount includes the perfection of holding with super durable and higher elastic clockwork which automatic contraction clamp arms.

Visnfa phone mount works on one switch to lock or unlock clockwork which helps this to provide stability user’s phone.

It also consists of durable 360 rotation with a bike holder. The mount with handlebar connector is connected spherically with a universal point which helps to adjust the phone angle according to your needs.

Another visnfa feature that completes its working is its fast installation with any phone and convenient with tool-free adjusting which means it easily adjusts while paddling with hands and no need of screw or guage to tighten it more because handlebar connector easily installed with the bike.

Visnfa phone mounts holders any phones or smartphones with sizes up to 7 inches almost and ensures guaranteed safety.

2-VUP Universal bike mount

This phone mount is another super choice with widely holding compatible power and safety.

This consists of 5 inches long with 2 inches width almost to provides easy phone focus touching.

VUP Phone mount which is made with tough and stretchy silicon bands provides easy phone flexibility and stretching to fit all 4.0 to 7 inches phones. This is the top choice for iPhone Sumsand and GPS device owners.

VPU Phone mount also provides super 360-degree rotation with the latest advanced humanized design which has curve silicon bands that never block the face ID of the user because it’s suitable for all sensor light screens.

360 designed provides the value to the owner while cycling to make videos and track location by rotating phone every fourth size by one touch.

This also consists of a universal handlebar with easily adjustable elastic silicon straps with 18 to 35mm handles fitting.

Actually, silicon buckle provides easy-mount adjusting on bikes motorbikes scooters strollers, and shopping carts.

If you trail on any type of terrain it firmly grips your handlebar and stays stable without shaking.

The durable phone design is superior and protection free design means the phone holder adopts a one-piece design with complex polishing and manufacturing process and makes meticulous assembly to ensure functional stability.

VPU Phone mount is one of the best stabilization stands with 5000 stretching lifespans with solid quality silicon material that secure functional reliability of the phone which helps the mount to work for long times.

3-Thikpo Bike mount

The Thikpo is another one of the best cheap and special phone mounts. This bike mount provides specially designed security with a mounting clamp which is a feature with a metal penetrating axis and quick locking buckle which make customization is frankly easy.

Thikpo available is the low cost of 17 dollars on Amazon. That’s why it is our best choice in the mountain bike phone mount collection.

Thikpo rubber gasket could increase the resistance that helps it to not slide skit after installation and trimmed to suit with different diameters of handles bars.

Thikpo provides comfort phone fitting with universal and wide compatibility by covering Iphones Samsung Edge phones and many others smartphones with GPS equipment.

Normally Thikpo bike easily fits up to 8 inches phones without stretching the bands with wide holding.

This mount is scratch proof and the cradle pad is made with silicon which could protect the cellphone from any abrasion or scratch and reduce vibration by grasping the phone more tightly. This Thikpo mount accommodates a thickness of 2cm easily even phone covers by protectors.

Thikpo also provides suitable 360 angles with spherical joints of brackets not only one side even back and forth and horizontally meets to user’s needs. 360 helps while paddling to answering calls using GPS making videos listing songs by one touch.

This is also easy to use with easily mounted in 2 minutes without any edging tool. The phone adjusting becomes simple after customization with a handlebar by a single touch.

It has amazing visible protection that provides the owner to touch cameras lens USB port home volume buttons which help the user in comfort biking.

4-Water Proof phone mount

The WaterProof phone mount consists of protectable phone safety from water and rain and is specially made for such conditions.

It is made with amazing magnetic which means it can hold the phone in the right place at a reliable price and is compatible with all smartphones.

The phone mount provides sensitive touch which means it has high sensitive TPU film window on the bike front frame and helps in performing any activity like GPS activation ride location and video with one touch.

It also provides amazing 360 rotation with an adjustable neck design that will help you on your favorite comfort angle to take snaps shots easily.

The waterproof is safe from watering dirt while paddling and control dust blowing to save screen. It is widely used in bike holders motorcycles scooters etc.

Waterproof mount adjusted and installed with bar holders at a ratio of 22.2 and 25.5 and no needs to tight more safety beneficially.

5-KIWIHOME Bike mount

This is another cheap-cost bike mount having superior features to provide users with comfortable cycling.

Its consists of a high-quality ABS and durable silicon which is extraordinary and having extremely resistant to tearing and will not break due to sun and rain also.

The KIWIHOME Mount adopts a silicon non-slip mat shock absorption design such kind of design keeps the mobile phone stays stable on the rocky area and makes the phone shaking free even skip or slip-free also.

As cyclists demand safety this one is the best choice but at a low price, so you should GOP with this one.

Such mount provides wide and compatible holders with flexible stretching which helps many smart phones to holds on easily with smart tighten bands. It can easily fit mobiles having sizes 4 to 8 screen size in length.

The other best thing about this mount is simple tool-free usage not taking much time in installation because its fitting demands a bit of pressing of push switch button to put on and also same to remove from holder.

People can also use this mount as a motorcycle mount even wheelchair adjustable. Because the mount comes with silicon which ensures the mobile to secure and stays safe with the bike’s handlebar.

The 360 rotation is also provided by this mount which helps owners to rotate their phone with a single touch while cycling and makes videos and set GPS etc. The 360 rotation helps with silicon bands and makes accessible face ID and never blocks the light sensor home button finger sensor of the phone while paddling.

This bike phone mount holder fits handlebars with a diameter of 14.2 mm to 20mm. So choosing this holder never disappointed you because it’s also our experience bike mount.

6-Gobeigo Anti-Shake

This one is another super anti-shake phone holder with amazing comfort provider qualities.

This Gobeigo provides super security of phone and unique bolt design which helps its aluminum alloy nuts to used in fasten handlebar which firmly grip the handlebar or stem with diametre in 0.2 to 1.9 such as bicycle motorbikes scooters handlebar strollers and more like a cart.

The anti-shake absorbing power with silicone band is super with silicon bands. Actually, bands grip the mobile and absorb shock and vibration to prevention from any kind of scratches or irritating broken sounds.

Gobeigo holder is upgraded with bolt design which locks handle solidly and firmly and make phone free from slipping skiting or shaking on any rocky road in bump track.

It also consists of 360 rotation by ball joint which allows you to freely rotate your mobile phone at mp360 degrees according to your eye visible angle and optimal viewing angle to avoid the phone from sunshine rays.

It also helps in ultimate flexibility during trail riding and provides a great experience of navigation maps and recording snaps etc.

This bike mount is simple in installation and takes a few seconds to customize with easy attach and detach handlebars. You can easily tighten it with a screw one curve and no need to use any tool.

The mobiles are convenient to be mounted and demounted from light and silicon bands which helps cyclists to make the whole journey fear-free and supportable road paddling.

The Gobeigo provides universal compatibility with high-quality elastic silicon and makes the phone screen secure having sizes 4 to 7 inches.

All smartphones are easily fitted and are adjustable in these bike mounts. This smart functional item is available on Amazon for just 14 dollars.

7-Aonkey Bike mount

This is another one-touch release bike mount having super qualities of phone security and providing fear-free riding.

The super Monkey mount has 4.5 inches in length and 4 inches in width and 3 inches in height almost attached easily with handlebars.

The Aonkey item provides secureness having super designed with 4 corners claws like a rubber pad that safe the phone from scratches while cycling on rocky stations. The bike mount works with bands and grips each phone edge corner and saves them from hurdles.

The Aonket mount easily adjusts within the screw to tighten the nut and ensures all phones to stays secure on bumpy roads. So that’s why it’s a stable safety choice for cycles and motorcycles also.

The bike mount provides rotation and button-free ability means its 4 corners claws do not block any button and make touch visible to smartphones.

This mount is perfect for iPhones and Samsung HTC Lenovo smartphones because its bands do not block ID verification to enter in the phone while cycling and don’t cover the bright light or sound button and make it visible for picking calls while paddling. It also helps during cycling to make videos and navigation GPS easy with simple assembling.

You can also use this mount by fixing it on golfing cart strollers and treadmills even shopping cards or places like round bar handle fixation works smartly. So this is a super choice for all in one function.

8-MYS Biker mount

These bike mounts provide a universal safety design with amazing extra features and are available in just 14 USA dollars.

This mount is made with made from high-grade and environment ABS+POM material and its alloy aluminum nuts as bolt design.

Its unique design allows the mount to fix tightly with handlebars between 0.62- 1.37 in diameter and it works cleanly with its 4 anti-friction clamps that keep your costs cell phones safe from dropping slipping from the mount.

The best thing about this is it provides 2 years of guarantee so you should get this from Amazon. The MYS bike mounds also provide 360 rotation so users can easily adjust the angle of view according to the cyclist’s eye visible.

The MYS phone mount rotation is designed flexibly to change the angle while you during paddling. This function is much helpful in riding while track road has many rocks and bumpy paths. With this, you can drive fear-free and safely from phones falling on wild and forest areas. You can change easily its rotation angle if you make a recording video to save the journey.

The mount provides easy installation and unfolding by side click. Its 4 clamps help you while fixing the smartphone and if you’re tightening them more than again press the side button to loosen cell phones immediately so this is click get feature helps you in simple customizing.

This MYS Phone is specially made for phones having 4 to 6 inches of screen long inches screen tightened with screw fixing. So for iPhone and Sumsang users, this is the best choice.

9-FITFORT Bike mount

The FIFFORT Bike mounts have durable compatibility and a universal design which covers and fits all phones having sizes between 4 to 6.9 inches.iPhone Samsung and Note series phones are much compatible with this mount.

The mount enabled easily striped shock and absorption with this design and supports hone safety in bumpy and rocky roads. This consists of 7.04 Ounces of volume.

Design made with premium quality silicon that saves the phone from scratches and doesn’t cover the Face ID side button while riding you can easily touch them any perform mission.

Its also adopts a 360 rotatable structure and the bike mount easily adjusts according to users’ needs to make videos and shoots while paddling. Rotation makes call attending possible in one touch while cycling.

The best thing about this its easily adjusts to any bike sidebar without using the tool because it fits a handlebar of diametre 2 cm to 4 cm and covers all types of motorbike scooters handlebars.

So it makes it easy for user usage and performs quick action just covering the band through phone corners and its rotate and adjust more comfortably.

10-Lipeeya bike mount

The Lipeeya bike mount is another best bike holder having 4 inches long with 2 .68 inches of height that’s suitable for most handles. It’s a Lepeeya aluminum material and provides a charging feature with USB while paddling and if you don’t charge then turn it off to save power.

The Lipeeya 360 degree one-touch release feature is amazing because the handlebars mounting clip suit for all motorcycle handles and aluminum base clamp arm can rotate and be adjusted at 360 angles according to cyclist viewing angle.

The mounting security is amazing because of its rubber bands actually the foam pads can reduce smartphones’ vibration and stop scratches.

This mount has 4 high-strength clamp arms with corners claws which provide gripping and tightening of the phone. The more preferable fitting sizes with this bike mount are 4 to 7 inches and his ASAP services provide a guarantee of this mount.

11-Zoeson bike mount

The Zoeson bike mount is another amazing and cheap mount with the price of 7 dollars almost at Amazon.

The mount provides a durable elastic silicone band that firmly holds the cell phones and fits the phone between 4 to 6 inches in easily.

Zoeson provides super silicon that saves the phones from scratches and skipping down while paddling.

The mount has a quick-release mounting strap for various bicycle handles baby strollers and pushchairs so it’s best in 3 formats.

Zoeson provides too easy installation and no need for tools it can easily customize and remove after usage.

This mount shocking protection is much protectable while paddling on bumpy and rough tracks.

The bike mount is light in weight and carrying is much easy in pocket or bag so it is a comfort provider mount at a low price.

12-Cyclepsartener bike mount

This mount is amazing with 5 inches of length and 1.97 in height almost and provides a comfortable ride to its users.

Actually, Cyclepartener is made with super silicon and perform brackets action means when you ride and are worried about installation of the device then the mount cycle partner is the best choice because it provides easy customization with GPS and speaker side button in single touch so you can easily connect this with handle and receive calls with safety.

The bike mount is perfect with the universal fitting of cell phones and covers 4 to 5.8 inches of phones easily.

The Cyclepartener is best for iPhone and other smart models with simple installing and detaching with a widely used band strap which helps in completing of mounting and releasing process in a few seconds.

This is suitable for any type of cycle scooter and motorbike even strollers and shopping carts.

The reliable design of the cycle partner provides the user light and easy carry weight even small size as compared to user service. Stretching the phone with brackets provides more compatibility and safety in bumpy areas.

Cyclepaetrtener smooth silicon helps in shaking condition means the soft silicon do not break shake skip or slip to create irritating sounds that disturb wholes journey.

So cycle partner is designed along the edge and phone screen which helps users to attend all and use side buttons easily while paddling.

13-Mini-Factory bike mount

The Minibike mount is the best choice for small devices and is available at just a price of 9.95 dollars on Amazon.

The best thing about this it grips each corner of the phone and provides security to the phone in tough hard bumpy tracks.

Thankfully its has 4 corners of catching design and that does not block the button and menu of smartphones while paddling you can easily pick calls in a single touch.

The 360 rotation is also available that helps you to make videos and snaps easily back and forth.

The rotation allows the user to adjust the phone according to user-visible eye angle.

Minibike mount is made with durable premium material that’s customized easily with handles bars and tighten fasten without the use of any screw tools.

The iPhone Samsung and Max models of smartphones are much suitable for this bike mount.

14-Bike phone mount bag holder

The phone mount provides super touch screen compatibility while cycling and having fitting of the phone below 6.5 inches and best for iPhone 11 and other smarts phones like Edge and Samsung phones.

The sensitive TPU touch provides and supports the touch operation on phone with a bag on.

Supports one-hand GPS operation and attending calls and rodeos shooting easily.

The mount also provides fixing in scaled zipper sunshade also provides for waterproof splash resistance if you cycle on dirt and dust roads or in rainy conditions its smooth band’s bag covers the cell phone easily and you can survive without fear.

The other best thing about this model its reflective strips on both sides f our bike bag keeps your night ride safe and effective.

The bag of this mount provides dual function means the bag is best as usage for mount bag folding bike bag electric bike bag etc.

Another super thing about this mount is it provides 1 year of guarantee and if you do not satisfy or happy with this they provide money-back delivery.

The hidden earphones hole allows users to enjoy music and change music with a single touch.

This also provides wide quality of shaking proof means while cycling on tough and bumpy terrain roads phone mount provides full secureness and no irritating phone skipping sound occurs.

The bag is super to hold the mini things like wallet mini flashlight USB and small bike accessory that helps you in tracks.

15-Thick-Case bike mount

This thick mount is the best metal mount with a long claw. This is the best choice for Samsung and all sony models.

The mount provides perfect and compatible and adjustable width that holds smarts phones easily with 4 to 7 inches almost.

The mount has stronger aluminum alloy material with the sponge and the metal phone mount will hold the user’s phone tightly on a bicycle and provides super safety.

The thick mount is super for bikers motorbikes scooters and folding bikes with easy installation and customization of the handlebar. This thick mount is available on Amazon in process of 19 dollars almost.

Actually, the mount does not obscure the screen and is perfect for all large and small kinds of handlebars.


According to my suggestions, the bike mount Visnfa New Bike Mount is the Best in all and its working is super compatible for all smartphones because the 4 stainless clamps easy customization and quick installation are much important in a bike mount.

Buying and using a bike mount for up to 6 or 7 months is a compatible time. But Which one you like and want to buy must tell us in comments and tells us the reasons behind buying.



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