7 Best Rear Derailleur for Mountain Bike | 2022

As a professional biker, the real treat is that when you implement high standard bike equipment same in derailleur case using best rear derailleur for mountain bike like Shimano Acera Mountain Bike is a magnificent exceptional pick.YES if you are really a committed and consequential rider, to be honest, this is made for you.

Many riders pick a derailleur that is difficult to install and customized and it becomes much hard when the derailleur is a bit heavy that’s why the bike gear shifting take time on them much and later on the derailleur with heavyweight disturb the chainrings and gear shifting so it’s better to pick after getting satisfactory information.

That’s why I really emphasize you must pick a derailleur for your bike in our 7 best collections and implement and enjoy the colorful fast riding in your tracks.

Mountains bikes demands maintenance after 2 to 3 month that’s why choosing the best derailleur is must helpful for you and not required customization again and again.

best bike derailleur
rear derailleur for mountain bike

Read below the features of each derailleur and pick your engaging one.

How do I choose a rear derailleur in 2021?

As bike more loss or limping in running as derailleur needed actually if a rider uses a drivetrain with a length of 40 to 20 or 44 to 22 then its encasements is 30 to 9 or 32 to 11 or 13 which means the drivetrain is good with the ability of 40 to 45 which is doubtless down along parameters.

Which is more important in front and rear derailleur?

To be honest the rear puller is little in scale that’s why their forbearance is compacted which causes good shifters. Another thing the fling or hurl in the front shifter is larger than the rear shifter so it’s better to pick what you think which are best otherwise both worked excellent on their own.

What gear is best for going uphill on a bike?

Honestly, it depends on the tracks.
Actually, if rider rides on uphills it’s better to use little small-scale fronted chainring and large rear cogs on the other sides if rider rides on downhills then it’s better to use sizeable and largely front chainrings and little cogs because this helps them to improves their gear maintenance for a long time.

7 Best Rear Derailleur for Mountain Bike

These 7 best rear derailleurs for mountain bike collection help you find out your pick best according to my suggestion go with Shimano Acera Mountain Bike this is one of the top biker’s picks. Don’t wait for clicks and improve bike performance…

  1. Shimano Acera Mountain Bike
  2. KCNC Mountain Bike Derailleur
  3. KCNC SXX1 Derailleur
  4. Microshift Derailleur
  5. Shimano RD Derailleur
  6. Shimano Ultegra
  7. SRAM Apex Derailleur

1.Shimano Acera Mountain Bike

This Shimano AceraOpens in a new tab. is the first in our collection which is the best rear derailleur for a mountain bike ever having amazing features which ensure its ability and quality feature that attracts riders to pick this one.

Shimano Rear derailleur includes an 8-speed perfect unblemished performance with heavy design and hardy material which ensures its long time working without time to time customization.

Best with wide acceleration and super gear shifts. Having 13 oversizing tooth pull rays.

This is the best budget-friendly Shimano Rear derailleur for our MTB BMX and other mountain bikes with an excellent steel aluminum frame.

Not only that it also provides the smoothness with only friction that is good with crisp shifters. The main advantage of this Shimano is its weight lifting ability means whatever you in weight its performance does not prevent its running due to body weight or healthiness.

Shimano runs securely and fastly in hills uphills steeps and pavements also. Not only that the weight of this Shimano is low which does not disturb the chainrings.

2.KCNC Mountain Bike Derailleur

The KCNC is another top pick in our list having amazing features of gearing and shifting which also refers to a rider to implement this derailleur with your old ones.

KCNC is a top traditional derailleur with oversized pulleys wheels system which make certain up-gradation in bike performance for a long time and do not demand maintenance and customization soon.

The more chain angle or residence is smaller in scale as more power and performance is applicable and increased which makes sure the bike running boost up more often.

With low weight, it’s also easy to customize maintained, and install.

KCNC has 16 teeth oversized pulleys and is also available at a low cost which guarantees the riders that it’s the best pick for bikers who rides on mountainy steeps or hills.

Having less than 11 grams of weight clinches its power more deeply and shows theirs no more stress on bike chainrings.No doubt if we say this is another best rear derailleur for a mountain bike.

3.KCNC SXX1 Derailleur

Using a derailleur that clinches his performance and low price is the best to pick in 2021 because a derailleur like KCNC SXX1 is durable and low in cost and works excellent in MTB BMX and other bikes that need good gear.

So this KCNC SXX1 is another top pick having KNC Wheels which helps to decrease the friction and provides less rolling friction which helps in its performance and makes them more fastest and with oversized pulleys maximized its energy.

KCNC SXX1 is also best in 12 speed to rear derailleur power which is worth its features. The narrow-wide chain makes certain chain retention.

Do not demand hard customization easy to install even installing at home is quick easy likewise the framework structure has valued the money who buy.

Not only that this KCNC SXX1 is best for mountainy steeps and street tracks also provides fast rapid gear shifting when riders needed no prevention in gearing fast with clicking.

KCNC SXX1 is bad in one thing that I felt that its bolt in the cages does not fit easily demands more compression and tension and that’s why it does not adjust with Merch.

Must go with this best rear derailleur for a mountain bike.

4.Microshift Derailleur

Microshift Derailleur is best with precise gear shifting and smoothness of fast gearing action its does not require more tension and action fastly that’s why I pick another masterpiece for you.

Microshift Derailleur Having 6 inches long with 3 inches width and low rolling resistance.

Microshift Derailleur is another best material made with aluminum framework design and structure which ensures its quality and working for a long time working.

This is also best with a 7,8,9 speeding system in roads and mountains that’s why it increases its compatibility more. The Microshift Derailleur has a long black cage.

Like others, it’s also low in weight having 12 Ounces of low weight which ensures that it is easy to customize and install when he needs and its low weight doesn’t disturb its chainring and gearing shiftiness.

5.Shimano RD

Shimano RD Derailleur is another aluminum material bike gear having amazing ability and qualities feature which ensures the user to implement this and get long time benefits.

This is the best technology bike derailleur that keeps the noise low means the frame and design of this Shimano RD Derailleur decrease and reduces the noise of the chain.

Having 7 inches of length with 5inches of width with the Volume of 12 Ounce which does not disturb its chainrings working.

Shimano RD Derailleur includes 10 speedings with compatibility performance which ensures its ability more perfectly.

Shimano RD Derailleur has the best 4 flourish coatings which make a certain bushing for smoothing the running the performance of gear shifting.

The quick gear shifting works excellently in MTB BMX and many other mountain bikes like Santa Cruz and other expensive bikes also.

6.Shimano Ultegra

Shimano Ultegra is another bit expensive but the best rear derailleur for a mountain bike having amazing features of speeding gear shifting and quick gearing action which ensures its worth.

best rear derailleur for mountain bike is best with aluminum structured design and material which helps this to works long time compatibility with bike chainring.

The Shimano best rear derailleur for mountain bikes provides less and small scale cage length which ensures its quality and performance not only that the rear derailleur has 1 Ounce of weight which means it shortens in weight and does not tension or stress the chainrings.

The Shimano has 6 inches in length with 5 inches of width which refers that its shorten in size also easily fitted with bolts in a cage and merch and customization are also simple.

7.SRAM Apex Derailleur

SRAM Apex Derailleur is last in our 7 best rear derailleur mountain bike collection having amazing gearing features and abilities which ensure its ability to work for a bike long time.

This SRAM Apex Derailleur includes 10 rear gearings of speeding with small scale cage length which ensures its performance and ability which works excellently and rapidly in hardy mountains and steep tracks also.

The SRAM Apex Derailleur has the best fast-action in gear shifting and promotes quick gearing.

SRAM Apex has 11 Ounces of lightweight which makes sure that the low weights don’t disturb the gearing action and swiftness of rear derailleurs.

SRAM Derailleur provides 2 years warranty which ensures this is also the best rear derailleur for mountain bikes.

This also provides double-tap compatible controls and most important affordable in price which means it’s the best SRAM Apex Derailleur item for bikes with good advanced features and less price.

The SRAM Apex Derailleur has the best pull type with a large font size which increases its worth and performance for a long time running and a professional rider knows he rides excellent with 11 to 32 tooth cog.


A professional biker knows how important to maintain a bike and the derailleurs are more important types of equipment in that case picking the best derailleur that improves your performance is important that’s why I emphasize Shimano Acera Mountain Bike must go with this one.

Because a bike runs more rapidly with good performance whether gear shifting and swiftness are works fluently and the derailleur is customized easily and that’s why this Shimano Acera Mountain Bike is best for you not only gear shifting the speeding design and the frame of this item is amazing and my experience like it too much that’s why you must check it before any wrong decision it makes your biking your own.

Must pick this friendly budget item and increase your biking performance as a real treat.

Share your gearing experience with us and tell us where you ride mostly in 2021 -22?



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