5 Best Women’s Clipless Mountain Bike shoes (Quick Guide)

Cycling is the best sports everybody knows. When you are participating in a cycling sport you should be energetic and you use all the things during cycling are also perfect. Your bicycle spare like helmets, tires, pedals, and shoes should be of high quality.

During cycling, you don’t want to take any risks. Safety. security and comfort should be your priority.

Women are very conscious about styling and comfort when they choose anything they must consider these two things yes comfort and styling.

Therefore as I said above women are conscious about styling so every brand when they design anything for women they consider women’s requirements.

Here I will recommend you the top clipless mountain bike shoes for women.

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TOP 5 Best Women’s Clipless Mountain Bike shoes!

  1. SIDI TRACEOpens in a new tab.
  2. SHIMANO SH-XC300Opens in a new tab.
  3. GIRO Manta LaceOpens in a new tab.
  4. Five ten kestrelOpens in a new tab.
  5. PEARL izumi X-ALP divideOpens in a new tab.

Let’s get started:

1. SIDI TRACEOpens in a new tab.-Get The Perfection

Everybody has their own choice, some like flat pedals, and some like clipless. But the majority prefer clipless pedals. So SIDI TRACE designs shoes for those who prefer clipless pedals for their bicycle.

SIDI TRACE is the best brand and produces a very good range of shoes for women who love cycling.

As everybody knows, women are conscious about their style and when they buy anything. They should check if the thing they bought is beautifully designed or not.

SIDI TRACE considers their female customer requirement so they design shoes for their customers which fulfill all the requirements of their customer.

Sidi Trace shoes are beautifully designed.
They have a range of beautiful colors.
The sole of the shoe is made of very good material.

You have to buy this SIDI TRACE shoe for your clipless pedal because it will give you comfort when you ride.

2. SHIMANO SH-XC300Opens in a new tab.

SHIMANO SH-XC300 is the best shoe for women and also for mountain bikes. This shoe is very comfortable and very soft. Women love those shoes which are very soft and give relief from the pain which they face during riding.

SHIMANO prefers their customer requirements therefore they design stylish comfortable and soft shoes.

The best thing about the SHIMANO SH-X300 is its grippy rubber sole. This sole is best. Every customer of this shoe is inspired by the best quality sole.

Many customers want the shoes they bought. Its sole should be of high quality and SHIMANO fulfilled their customer needs and eliminated their customer problem.

Light in weight therefore easy to move.
The best technology is used in its manufacturing.
The sole of this shoe is perfect.
Very soft gives no trouble to its user.


GIRO MANTA LACE is specifically designed for the women’s rider. GIRO MANTA LACE SHOE is specifically designed for mountain bikes that have clipless pedals. Bicycle riders, especially women riders, used this GIRO MANTA LACE shoe.

I would say that this GIRO MANTA SHOE is only designed for the women rider.
This shoe is very stylish and also beautifully designed.
Very soft and its sole is very strong therefore it is used in clipless pedals.

GIRO MANTA LACE SHOE IS very light in weight Any woman can easily move and walk while wearing this shoe and when she uses this shoe for the riding she can feel comfortable and enjoy her riding for hours because there is no pain there is the only comfort for her.

Every woman who is a bicycle riding lover should buy this GIRO MANTA LACE SHOE because this is affordable and also of high quality

4. FIVE TEN KESTRElOpens in a new tab.

FIVE TEN KESTREL clipless women’s bike shoes are one of the best shoes for mountain bikes (Best women bike under budget) . When you are searching for appropriate clipless mountain bike shoes for women FIVE TEN KESTREL should be in your mind.

Five Ten brands design many shoes for women which they can use for cycling.

This FIVE TEN kestrel shoe specialty is its rubber sole which makes this shoe very soft and it makes movement very easy and comfortable.

Five Ten brand gives you a range of quality shoes and it also gives you the option rather you choose velcro or lace type shoes.

Its style is beautiful. Colors are also beautiful you can choose your favorite color when you are going to buy it.

5. PEARL LZUMI X-ALP DIVIDEOpens in a new tab.

PEARL LZUMI X-ALP divide is one of my favorite shoes.I tested a lot of shoes for riding but this PEARL LZUMI X-ALP DIVIDE is my favorite because of its extraordinary comfortable sole.

Stiffness is very important when you are riding and this shoe provides you that.
More importantly, its staff is very impressive so you need no worry to change it again and again. And it will never tear quickly.

You might like it when you used it for you your riding.

  • It is very soft.
  • It is very stylish.
  • It has a beautiful color range.
  • Every lady likes it because of its attractive design.

Therefore I recommend you this amazing shoe for your MOUNTAIN BIKE.Go have it and enjoy your riding.


As I mentioned above the top 5 clipless mountain bike shoes for women. Above I tried my best to help you in the selection of appropriate shoes for your ride.

I conclude my whole topic with these tips which you should consider when you buy shoes for cycling.

Stiffness is important you must watch the upper side of the shoe is strong or not.
The sole of the shoe must be of high quality. When you are going to buy shoes for a clipless pedal you must consider the shoe you bought has a cleat hole.

Consider all the above tips and bought the best shoe for your riding.


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