12 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Helmet | Buying Guide

Best Women’s Mountain Bike helmet. Choosing a helmet with good features is now not tough if you know what a good safety helmet demands. In the case of the protective helmet for cycling, it must be good with medium size fitting good EPS or any Polycarbonate solid material and having vents these are a major feature and works both cases for men and women.

But according to my 9 years, there are some special helmets which are specially designed for women. This VICTOGOAL Bike helmet is the Best Women’s Mountain Bike helmet that’s fulfilled all major clearness and safety which can make women ride fear-free.

I provide the 12 best women’s mountains bike helmet collections which ensure top-level head safe but I prefer you must go with the first 3 or 5 according to your budget. You can also read the guide on the best women mountain bike for under 300 dollars and under 500 dollars and also the best clipless shoes for women.

All helmets specification are below.

Which are the top 3 helmets for Ladies?

Best women’s helmets
1. VICTOGOAL Bike helmetOpens in a new tab.-Best women’s helmet ever
2. Shine Max helmetOpens in a new tab.
3. VICTOGOAL Women’s helmet

Things women should wear while cycling for fear-free safety

  1. Adjusted Helmet
  2. Knee kit
  3. Elbow kit
  4. Goggles
  5. Jersey or Wicking Shirt
  6. Handy or finger gloves
  7. Sweatband
  8. Cycling Shoes
  9. Hand gloves
  10. Inner

12 Best Women’s Mountain Bike helmet

  • VICTOGOAL Bike helmet-Best women’s helmet ever
  • Schwinn Beam LED Lighted Bike Helmet-Best with satisfaction
  • VICTOGOAL Womens helmet-Rechargeable
  • GIRO Ceva helmet
  • LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet
  • GIRO Essence helmet
  • XINERTER Adult bike helmet
  • GIRO Montara MIPS
  • GIRO Verse helmet
  • Mountain MTB helmet
  • GIRO Radius MIPS
  • GIRO MIPS helmet

1. VICTOGOAL Bike helmet-Best women’s helmet ever

VICTOGOAL is perfection for women who have protectiveness and safety with durable helmet features that’s a helmet demand.

This helmet is best with head coverage of 22 to 24 inches almost which means in the case of women it’s the best safety choice. It includes super adjustment and design which refers to helpful coverage of head circumference with help of a knob. Good for mountains roads bumpy roads and also rough terrain trails.

VICTOGOAL consists of 28 vents for ventilation with a specific aerodynamic design and vents ensure better breathing and airflow while paddling in hot heat conditions. These vents decrease air resistance and reduce cyclist sweat and save them from strap swelling that is why it’s a top pick for women.

The material in a helmet is an important component for safety and in the case of VICTOGOAL, it provides PC protection with high density and its outer durable shell protects the biker head in crashing slipping conditions.

The helmet with LED Light performs a more helpful function while cycling and this VICTOGOAL also includes 3 modes of lighting which is much helpful in rainy night stormy rides to give the right indication.

Actually, this LED works with charging, and for one charge its works 5 to 8 hours maximum which is good for a safe indicator ride.

VICTOGOAL includes safety padding which helps in absorption of forces coming inside. Even VICTOGOAL is a protector from every head corner. This also includes magnetic goggles in the visor which increases its qualities and satisfaction these goggles work with shields that use in sunglasses that saves your face from slipping or crashing mountain conditions.

On the other side, it can also prevent UV rays and stops them outside while cycling protection safety provides at a rate of 400UV. From my experience, women having cycling passion must go with this VICTOGOAL because it’s a safety-proof and compatible helmet.

2. Schwinn Beam LED Lighted Bike Helmet-Best with satisfaction

The Opens in a new tab.Schwinn Beam is the second-best mountain helmet in our collection having suitable fixing features and protection.

This is the best protector of the head made with durable solid polycarbonate materials and the shell includes EPS inner foam which ensures good safety and protection while crashing in hard mountain conditions. Its shells stop damaging inside and improve head safety.

This Opens in a new tab.Schwinn Beam is a much easy assembled and adjustable helmet having medium head adjustment at 52 to 59 cm which is best for the person having age between 15 to 45.

This adjustable Shine Max is easy to cover ahead with better design and straps help in fitting and make easy fix at below neck. It also includes 7 vents for ventilation which is best for airflow and breathing in hot conditions cyclist while peddling easy get breath access with the help of these holes.

It also helps to decrease swelling and sweat in hot conditions due to vents. Another Opens in a new tab.Schwinn Beam advantage is its detachable magnetic goggles having unique visor is truly helper to save biker from sun rays and UV and prevents rays outside shell while cycling and make visible indication.

The other benefit with Shine Max is its flipping of the goggles shield depends on three strong magnets which helps up or down easily. Good for men also. Having best safety for straight roads mountains bumpy roads and tough trails.

This Shine MaxOpens in a new tab. provides a portable backpack that includes storage of helmets after usage.

3. VICTOGOAL Womens helmet-Rechargeable

This is another VICTOGOAL Women’s mountain helmet pick that provides durable features and safety for a long time.

This is made with molded super polycarbonate material including shock absorption and EPS foam core which gives relief and refers much protection on road or mountain crashing in fact prevents inside damaging and save head carefully.

VICTOGOAL Womens is best with adjustment level of head and its covers head 57 to 61 cm almost and that’s why its a medium and large age coverage provides from 15 to 45 or 50 age. People having an age of more than 45 measure their head circumference and adjust helmets by step fitting.

It’s a super defender of the head in the shape of a helmet. It’s a truly experienced women’s helmet with solid safety and adjustment must implement this. Best for straight tough hard trails also.

This VICTOGOAL Women’s provides an amazingly versatile design with removal visor and inner visor is soft and compatible. Visor protects clearly from sun rays and rains to give a visible indication that helps to reach your destination soon.

VICTOGOAL Women’s helmets while pedaling give no head burden or tension and while crashing condition no head burden feel due to imported safe shells and foam. So that’s why I said this one a fear-free safety rider.

This provides 360-degree visibility and improves cycling at night time with fear-free protection. It also includes USB Recharging LED having 3 flashing formates and helps you more while night peddling.

This light assembling in easy with single click no more tools required for adjusting operating easy makes working faster and provides around light also. Charging up to 8 hours for 1 time full charge.

These VICTOGOAL Womens having ventilation in the optimal system means with good construction it allows bikers to get cooling access and breathing while hot summer. Easy and effective use.

VICTOGOAL Womens also decrease air resistance and due to inside the pads without hesitation, you can clean in after cycling.

4. GIRO Ceva helmet

The GIRO brand is the best helmet provider that ensures head safety and this GIRO helmet is one of them.

It’s a MIPS-constructed helmet having head adjustment from 55 to 59 cm almost including hard shells that produce and increase the value of the helmet.

This is one of the best women mountain guards having an outer rugging molded shell with EPS foam which is supportable in crashing and gives softness.

Not only that the fitting system of GIRO is too easy and takes few seconds in case of customizing and adjusting it’s done on 6 cm and proved his stabilization.

This GIRO helmet having vertical features that help Google in adjusting according to user choice. This has thermostat ventilation for air flowing and access to visible cooling in hard heat trails.

Even it prefers the indication in tough conditions when googles use and provides clearness of fog and smoggy conditions.

GIRO is best with MIPS and provides an audio system with certification of CE. GIRO is best for mountain roads and hard trails.

This also includes super working compatibility for a long time not only that it prefers GIRO goggles for more stability while night peddling.

5. LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet

The LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet is is another stylish satisfied features helmet having an easy and fast adjustment. This is made with inner EPS material and is best for mountain roads and trails.

It includes a weight of 280 grams which means it’s easy to assemble and gives no burden on the head while adjusting on the head circumference on the other side while accidental crashing conditions its shells save the head and give good protection with visible comfort.

This Opens in a new tab.LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet is less with cost on Amazon. It has PC Shells which have high-density EPS foam and helmets having this material is truly a helper for hard terrain and gives you access on the trail without any crashing fear.

This also includes a guarantee according to their owner of ANIMALES Bike helmet so you get to enjoy this without hesitation.

6. GIRO Essence helmet

Certified with CE. This is another best MIPS mountain helmet for women with durable protection and size. This GIRO Essence covers head circumference with the level of 55 to 59 cm with MIPS and having molded constructed.

GIRO Essence is constructed with puter polycarbonate shells which provide suitable absorbing and safety with good material. This is fit on head within few second and with gloves, you can perform fitting easy also.

The GIRO Essence helmet provides head adjustment with cm means even you are up to 45 you can measure the head circumference and adjust your size according to your fixing with these GIRO Essence straps which enhanced stabilization and due to vertical turn function it ensures good compatible adjusting with googles and sunglasses.

This GIRO Essence is best for road cycling and mountain climbing its fast protective feature withs simple customizing ensures user safety while climbing a mountain so it’s a better choice.

It provides ventilation in the thermostat forum which ensures coolness and breathing with easy and fast ventilating. Vents help bikers to get visible breath and airflow in hot summer or heat trails.

This includes a smart design that prevents crashing of the interior of the helmet while slipping or drowning. So its foam is a better choice for the proper safety of the head and helmet.

7. XINERTER Adult bike helmet

Certified with CPSC. XINERTER is another comfortable and safe helmet for mountain riding that provides durable protectiveness. This provides observation of moisture and sweat and saves from swelling and helps after use to clean helmet pad that’s why it’s a clean germ-free rider.

Covers head circumference at 22 to 24 inches. Also best for men’s. The XINERTER has a low weight which accommodates v=easy assembling and adjusting according to user head circumference.

This has 22 vents for ventilation which allows airflow and saves the cyclist from high heating while peddling and make riding visible.

This also includes super magnetic goggles with face masks which provide major benefits to bikers while peddling googles save from high UV rays and give a right indication the face mask works as a protector from dust and dirt and prevents them to don’t comes inside helmets.

This is super worked with Google and makes riding germs free this XINERTER is the best mountain and road cycling choice for women.

The working of the helmet meets all suitable safety features and in case of riding, you can also enjoy mountain climbing with XINERTER helmet. It includes high-density PS EPS foam for the best safety and protection.

XINERTER is best with head adjustment demands no tools prefer simple adjustment with easy steps and taking no time while head coverage adjustment with gloves is also easy within seconds.

It includes straps that are tight or less fixed according to users’ choice you must implement and enjoy this XINERTER helmet riding freely from tension burden or fixation.

8. GIRO Montara MIPS

GIRO Montara also includes US CPSC Certification. GIRO Montara is another perfection of safety and security for women on mountains having super compatible material for freecycling.

This GIRO Montara is working with a MIPS system means it’s able to redirect energy while crashing or slipping. Cover the medium head with 55 to 59 cm. Best with minimum price.

Having lightweight and easy customizing on the head no tool is required to tighten and adjust. Having 1.9 pounds weight. Best women’s head coverage with 15 inches of self length and 11 inches width.

This has molded polycarbonate EPS line and Shells which ensures its safety with a solid material which slipping or accidental conditions.

This GIRO Montara includes 16 vents for ventilation which ensures this gives airflow and breath access while peddling on high heat areas.

9. GIRO Verse helmet

Certified with US CPSC. The GIRO Verse is another women compatible helmet having protectiveness of head by covering 50 57 cm circumference.

It includes the best material with pc shells ensures EPS foam which helps the user to save his head smartly while crashing or slipping. GIRO Verse has a chin strap that helps in adjusting on head according to user demands.

Best for men’s adults also. This has the best choice for enduro trails and provides super safe in that areas.

Having 16 vents for ventilation ensures airflow and makes visible air access while biking in hot summer conditions.

Best for straight roads mountains urban cities also. Having lightweight gives no head burden while riding. Removable visor includes which can used by cyclists according to their needs.

10. Mountain MTB helmet

Certified with US CPSC. This Mountain MTB is best with coverage of large heads size and made with amazing super durable PC Shells including EPS foams which ensures its quality while crashing and slipping over mountains.

These Mountain MTB shells save heads from any damages and prevent any kind of swelling. Covers head circumference 56 to 61 cm. Its design ensures to covers large size head easily by adjusting.

This Mountain MTB also includes a flip stap for simple lighting and adjusting. This included 16 ventilation for airflow of the user while biking in tough hot summer provides better air access to give coolness.

This Mountain MTB also provides a visor that is removable means you can use it only when needed. This is best for women for mountain and road cycling. On the other side men and teens also can use by fix right head adjustments.

11. GIRO Radius MIPS

It’s certified with US CPSC. This covers head sizes from 51 to 55 cm which is best for small heads. This GIRO Radius MIPS is best for the head safety of women. This includes the MIPS system which redirects energy which crashes or slips.

Having 25 vents for ventilation that provides airflow while peddling on heat areas. Made with EPS inner material that provides good safety if an accidental condition occurs.

It can also provide a comfortable ride with vertical pint and tension with ROC LOC 5.5 fitting system. Best with molded construction.

12. GIRO MIPS helmet

This is last in our collection on mountain helmets for women having protective qualities while crashing and working as a defender in hard times. Having 51 to 55 cm head size coverage. This GIRO MIPS provides a MIPS system for the redirection of energy while crashing.

GIRO MIPS includes 14 vents for ventilation that provides good airflow and coolness while riding in hot summer. GIRO MIPS Provides comfort and simple easy customizing while adjusting on the head.

It also includes adjustable Goggles with a POV visor. GIRO MIPS is good for mountain straight roads bumpy condition so it’s a better choice for women who loves mountain climbing also.


The helmets are totally worked for safety and protection in both cases of mems and women’s but there are some specially designed helmets that ensure women’s heads circumference adjustment and safety excellently and the helmets like VICTOGOAL Bike helmet and Shine Max helmet both are one of them which provides top head protection to women and defends their head while crashing or slipping.

As helmets after safety require some more features like ventilation and LED for night riding and our helmet collection is suitable for fulfilling these conditions.

Must share which helmet you like and why and share your riding videos and cycling experience on our social media platform comments below for answering more about my experience.

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