6 Lightweight Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

As mountain bicycles have made strides, so have Lightweight Full face Mountain Bike Helmet or mountain bicycle trails. Presently, highlights once saved for bicycle parks can be found on many neighborhood trails.

Presently that numerous of us confront these more challenging and higher chance highlights, on unimaginably able bicycles, on a day-by-day premise, it, as it were, makes sense that more assurance is in arrange.

Luckily, helmet producers have taken note, and mountain bicycle helmet innovation has made strides fair as much as mountain bicycle innovation. Helmets nowadays are lighter and more secure than ever.

Superior still, a number of producers presently make full-face protective caps pointed particularly at riders who habitually handle gnarly plummets, but ought to gain those turns through long, overwhelming climbs.

Lightweight Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet.

Top six Lightweight Full face Mountain Bike Helmet

1-Leatt DBX 4.0

2-Storm bike helmet

3-Smith Mainline MIPS

4-ILM Adult MTB Mountain helmet

5-Bell Super DH MIPS

6-Giro Switchblade

6 Best Lightweight Full face Mountain Bike Helmet

The 6 Best Lightweight Full face Mountain Bike Helmet collection is ready to choose, with good sturdy material solid interior exterior vents softness, long term work, and the closest factor meets on your heads easily which is all a mountain biker needed before the ride.

1-Leatt DBX 4.0

The protective cap comes with other valuable highlights as well. For case, the front cheek cushions can be evacuated in crises or for a long tough pedaling area where you need a bit more consolation.

Moreover, the visor is outlined to break absent in a crash to play down the hazard of extra rotational powers.

Leatt was initially a neck brace producer but has been working difficult on their total mountain bicycle security and attire extend in later a long time, and more particularly their protective caps.

The just-released DBX 4.0 is their unused enduro and downhill helmet, which is certified to full downhill security guidelines, but lighter and superior ventilated than anything they have created before.

360° Turbine Innovation for rotational effect protection. In-molded EPS + EPO affect froth for prevalent vitality absorption. Maximized ventilation with 22 vents.

Fidlock attractive closure system. Dri-Lex dampness wicking, breathable, anti-odor, and launder-able inward liner. Optimal neck brace compatibility Visor with breakaway work for rotational diminishment in a crash.

I’m not sure it’s the perfect helmet for immaculate, high-speed DH riding in spite of the fact that – a bit more security may well be safer – but since I’m not hustling and more centered on having fun getting sideways, I’ve left my heavier tops at domestic.

2-Storm bike helmet

This is another top choice item that provides amazing features and protection.

This 1 Storm bike helmet is best with medium size designed and covers all types of mountains roads bumpy conditions etc. This has been certified with DOT.

Having easy head carrying with lightweight and due to multi aerodynamic design its thermoplastic alloys shells and give head protection on hard crashing conditions. Men’s Women’s comfort. Having Matte black coating.

This 1 Storm also includes protection from UV rays which means in hot summer conditions this protects from rays to reflects the eye.

The interior of this helmet is amazing and gives corner safety at 360 degrees so it’s totally safe choice for every person.

This 1 Storm helmet also includes padding which is clean and washable according to your needs

So that’s why its another best choice for a person who loves riding.

3-Smith Mainline MIPS

Incredible fit and steadiness once you’ve tuned the padding, simple breathing, and great construct quality, goggle syncing, and Koroyd assurance.

Ventilation whereas riding is confined in spite of the fact that and it’s simple to incidentally thump the cheek cushions out.

Smith presented a completely modern fashion and assurance course when the Bleeding edge open-face trail/enduro cover and the steady, nearly widespread fit and improved Koroyd security broke cover.

It a moment hit with more no-nonsense riders. Building one of the leading full-face mountain bicycle helmetsOpens in a new tab. around was self-evident another step but Smith has truly taken its time to exchange all those preferences into a full-coverage protective cap.

Koroyd’s honeycomb continuously implies ventilation/cooling issues and pop-out cushions can be bothering.

There’s a brain-protecting floating’ MIPS liner and rather than a cradle, you get two thicknesses of support and back area cushions, two distinctive neck rolls, and three depths of chin cushion to tune the fit.

The cushions moreover utilize antibacterial silver string inserted X-Static/XT2 half breed fabric. DH affirmed security is completed with a twofold D-ring strap with thick fleece cushioning and a press stud double back strap clean.

4-ILM Adult MTB Mountain helmet

This is another best Amazon seller helmet having 15 inches of length with 10 inches of width almost.

ILM MTB helmet is certified with DOT and provides easy carrying and adjusting at a weight of 4.5 Pounds.

This is made with ABS material and having easy carrying with zero burdens while riding on the head.

ILM MTB helmet is good with protection on the contrary it provides well safety if any crashing or hurdle slipping occurs.

It’s a steel aerodynamics design having fronts and backs ventilation which provides good air flows in every heart condition and makes breath ready.

This ILM Mountain helmet is super with a soft visor in fact visor detachable to use and removes according to your choice.

This has good comfort for both men and women.

Have an interior pad that you can wash.

5-Bell Super DH MIPS

Comfy, solidly-built convertible cover that feels incredible on the path. Buckle and straps can be way better though Buy in the event that, You need a well-built convertible protective cap for downhill riding. Sensibly simple to remove/refit the chin bar; awesome ventilation; low weight

The Bell Super DH MIPS mountain bicycle protective cap has been out for almost a year presently and I’ve claimed one since they were, to begin with, presented. So distant, it has been a great protective cap. But there are one or two inadequacies.

The Bell Super DH offers the leading-looking head protector with or without the confront bar joined. Most protective caps see great with the confront bar joined but seem ridiculous when in convertible mode.

Not the Bell Super DH, it looks like an ordinary path helmet when the confront bar is evacuated. It moreover is the as it were head protector I might discover that’s ASTM F-1952 certified, meaning it is appraised for downhill mountain biking use. With appearance and certifications input, all I required was a protective cap that fits well.

The weight penalty is negligible when in convertible mode, and is exceptionally competitive with a standard DH head protector with the confront bar on.

I have used it in an Enduro race, in Moab, as well as Stop City and it feels so much way better when tearing down, but I can breathe on the climbs.

When climbing, I snare the confront bar to my hydration pack and can breathe simply. Removal and establishment of the chin bar are speedy.

Numerous video surveys appear riders securing the face bar with the protective cap still on their head. I have not found it that simple, but it’s beautiful fast with the protective cap off besides.

6-Giro Switchblade

Switchblade’s chin bar is simple to evacuate and introduce without tools—it takes fair seconds once you get the hang of it—and the chin bar itself is very little and simple to stuff in a pack, or snare over the belt of your shorts.

Without the chin bar, the Switchblade weighs 692.3 grams. You won’t botch it for a visor-less half-lid, but it is light sufficient for all-day path riding.

And in spite of the fact that it has thicker cushioning, straps, and covers the rider’s ears, discuss streams through the Switchblade surprisingly well, indeed at climbing speeds.

As a matter of fact, it is stuffier than an XC-style half-lid helmet, but as it were fair, and not so much that it’s an uncommon burden on sunbaked climbs.

The first Switchblade might not have been extremely sufficient for downhill, but it picked up a little taking after with path riders who would observe a New World Clutter DVD, chug a Ruddy Bull, and after that huck-to-flat off a shaky thin they built from beds.

It was moreover prevalent with 50-year-old men who rode their Ellsworth Dares in Moab once a year. It was a distinctive time, to say the least.


If you really enjoy and wanna safety for a long time must go with these below three because many helmets are crushing badly after one time slipping and these are Lightweight Full-face Mountain Bike Helmet and as I experienced its ability to endure bumpily and mountain crashing and protected cyclist wisely.

At the end of the article tells me which one you choose and why and must share your riding videos and experience with me.

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