5 Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Overweight People | 2022

When we talk about the bike seat the first thing that comes to our mind is comfort, if the bike saddle is not comfortable and at the same time you’re are overweight then that can cause pain. As you know cycling is the best to exercise if you’re are heavyweight but to continue this you have to consider the comfort of the seat.

If the bike seat is durable and comfortable then that is the best thing for an overweight person. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll get complete information about the most comfortable bike seat for overweight people.

The bike seat must be comfortable and wide for the overweight person and to avoid the pain that must be able to absorb the shock. In mountain bike seats (Cover) that property is mandatory.

Here we will let you know about some important factors that overweight bike riders must have to know before purchasing a bike or even a bike seat. This article basically gives you focused information about the heavy-weight person.

In the end, we will suggest to you one of the best bike seats that can make your decision easy and if you’re are in hurry then you can go with our top recommended product.

Before giving you the list of bike saddles, we want to share with you the complete buying guide.

Important Buying Guide

Here we will share with you some important things you need to consider while purchasing a comfortable bike seat that should be durable and comfortable at the same time.


The next important thing is the durability of the bike seat. No doubt comfort of the saddle is first priority but the quality of the bike seat also matters. so that’s why we consider the built quality of the bike saddle.

No one spends money only on one factor while purchasing any product so we have to consider some basic and important factors. In this list of comfortable bike seats for overweight or heavyweight people, basic factors are considered. The durability of the bike seat is one of them.


One of the most important and main factors while purchasing a bike seat is the comfortability of the bike seat and this article is almost totally roundabout this factor. Two main things are comfortability and the second one is an overweight person and taking care of it, we compile a list for you.


This is one of the important factors also but in this case, this factor is not much important because we prioritize the comfort of the bike seat so we do not pay much focus on it. The price range for this product is affordable and medium-range so you don’t need to worry about it.


Although this is one of the considerable factors for some people just like the above budget factor this one is not much important. But we choose one of the best and most beautiful designs of mountain bike saddles that look very attractive.


Now, this factor is very important just like the comfortability of the seat because the next thing is the width of the seat. As you know overweight or heavyweight people will cover a lot of space. so a small-width seat is not useful in this situation so don’t worry we consider this factor and choose the bike seat with enough width.

These are some basic factors that are considered while compiling the list of most comfortable bike seats for overweight or heavyweight people.

Here is an optimized list of the 5 most comfortable bike seats for overweight people and compiled after keeping in mind the user problem.

  • Giddy Up! Bike Seat – Most Comfortable Memory Foam Waterproof Bike Saddle
  • YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat Comfortable Replacement Bike Saddle
  • SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat, Wide Bicycle Saddle
  • Xmifer Oversized Bike Seat, Comfortable Bike Seat
  • OUTERDO Comfort Bicycle Seat – Wide Bike Saddle Seat

Let’s get started:

Most Comfortable Bike seat for Overweight People

1. Giddy Up! Bike Seat

Before going into a detailed description of this bike seat, I want to tell you about some things that this is the complete package and it has a seat cover with a mounting wrench and taillight or you can say that reflecting band that can help you in road cycling at night. This is a complete package within a suitable price and this one is our recommended bike seat on this list.

This bike is a universal fit and it is very easy to install and its reflecting band increases the security factor while bike riding on the road at night. This bike seat can absorb the shock that can be good for mountain bikes because on that track you can face more shock so that can stable them to some extent.

This one is our topmost and recommended product and if you’re in hurry then you can go with this product.

Important Features:

  1. This is a premium Complete Package
  2. The durable memory foam material
  3. It has a light-reflecting band that increases the security factor
  4. Universal fit and easy to install
  5. Top-rated bike seat with enough width


  1. It is a complete package with a waterproof seat cover
  2. The durable quality foam material is used in this seat
  3. Installation on this seat is very easy because of the universal fit
  4. It increases the security factor by providing the back reflecting light band
  5. It shocks absorbing ball is very useful for a smooth ride
  6. No doubt very soft and Comfortable bike seat


  • Lack of the seat adjustment angle

Final Verdict:

Now it’s time to conclude the whole discussion, this bike seat is a complete package at a suitable and affordable price. No doubt the bike seat is very comfortable and shock absorbing so your on-road bike riding is very smooth but you can also use it for off-road and on mountain bikes also.

Overall this is one of the best bike seats for both road and mountain bikes and that one is our recommended product for this list of most comfortable bike seats for overweight people.

2. YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

This bike seat is very comfortable and comes with a unique design that provides an extra arc wide design that is relatively not available in another bike seat. No doubt the product on this list are top-rated and you can easily trust the quality of the bike seat.

As you know that these seats are selected by keeping in mind that its use is heavyweight or you can say that overweight so that should be wide and this one is extra wide that is absolutely good for its overweight consumer.

This is a very comfortable and soft padding bike seat that can absorb the shocks and you can apply this type of seat for both road and off-road bikes. It has a top waterproof layer that is super amazing about this bike seat.

This bike seat is a universal fit so that is another good thing about this sea and easy to assemble.

Important Features:

  1. It provides extra arc wide design
  2. The top material is waterproof
  3. Durable foam material
  4. Universal fit and easy to install
  5. Very comfortable and wide seat for overweight people


  1. Durable quality material is used in this bike seat
  2. Best and comfortable seat for a heavyweight person
  3. Unique design that provides extra-wide arc
  4. A dual spring ball shock absorber is used in this seat
  5. Waterproof seat top which amazing


  • Little bit costly

Final Verdict:

Now turn about the final verdict about this bike seat, this is an extra-wide bike saddle that is very suitable for overweight people due to its extra-wide arc design that provides much back support, and riding for long distances is easy.

Just like another seat of this list that is also a very trusted and top-rated bike seat and you can use it for both road and off-road like mountain bike that is useful for both of them. The price should be a little bit low but the quality is not compromised so if you like the unique and supportive design then you can go with this comfortable bike seat.

3.Comfortable Bike Seat

We are actually looking for a comfortable bike seat for overweight people so we prioritize it while choosing a bike seat this time we also take in mandatory. This bike saddle is no doubt one of the best seats in quality and comfort along with its attractive look.

No doubt the design of this bike seat is very attractive and beautiful and this seat has a breathable hollow design that offers ventilation that is relatively not found in other bike seats so this is an extra advantage of this bike seat.

Although everything is very good and it is a universal fit seat they also provide a mounting wrench with this bike seat which is amazing and install of this bike seat is easy.

Important Features:

  1. Beautiful and unique design
  2. Breathable hollow design offer the ventilation
  3. Build quality of this bike seat is solid
  4. Bike seat Rail Clamp is included


  1. Amazing attractive design bike seat
  2. Durable and solid build quality foam material is used in this bike seat
  3. It has a Dual shock absorbing ball
  4. Comfortable and enough wide saddle for overweight people
  5. It’s breathable hollow design offer ventilation that is good for long-distance riding
  6. It is available at an affordable and suitable price


  • The seat is little bit hard as compared to rest of bike seat of this list

Final Verdict:

As you know this saddle is breathable so that keeps your but cool and that is the best option for long-distance riding. Its unique design is very beautiful and looks attractive.

If you like the design then you can go with this product also because the quality of this chair is super amazing and available at a suitable price.

4. Xmifer Oversized Bike Seat

From the title of this saddle, you can guess that this is an oversized bike seat that is suitable for overweight people, and at the same time, this bike seat looks beautiful and comfortable.

This seat is suitable for mountain bike as well as road bike because that bear the shock and make your ride smooth to some extent so you can opt for this one according to your choice of design. The manufacturer does not compromise on the quality of the seat and the rating on this product proves that already.

Important Features:

  1. This is an extra-wide bike seat
  2. Easy to install and universal fit
  3. It has night reflective tape
  4. The comfortable and soft foam material


  1. This bike seat is extra wide which good for an overweight person
  2. Comfortable is durable material foam is used in this bike seat
  3. It capable of shock absorb and have a smooth ride
  4. This seat is waterproof which very good
  5. Overall one of the best bike seat with amazing attractive look


  • N/A

Final Verdict:

This is also one of the amazing and attractive look bike seats which are very good about this bike seat and just like another bike seat on this list, it is wide and comfortable for overweight people.

This seat is waterproof and has a shock absorber that gives you a smooth ride which is very good and if you like the design then you can go with this beautiful seat and available at a relatively suitable price.

5.Comfort Bicycle Seat

This is the last seat on this list and this one has a large seating area which is very good for overweight people and a breathable design is good for ventilation and you can ride on this bike for a long time without any trouble.

In this list, we add top-rated bike seats that are comfortable for both roads and off-road. These seats are highly shocked absorbers so you can use them on mountain bikes that are very useful for that purpose.

Important Features:

  1. It comes with a shockproof dual spring
  2. Enough large sitting area
  3. Highly breathable seat
  4. Has a universal design and easy to install
  5. Has High-quality foam material


  1. Durable and long-lasting seat
  2. No-slip and soft seat material
  3. This seat is highly breathable that good for long-distance riding
  4. It has a large sitting area
  5. Its dual spring is a high shock absorber which is amazing
  6. Available in suitable and affordable price


  • Overall good but looks little bit cheap design

Final Verdict:

As compared to another bike seat on this list, this one is low cost but the design is not so attractive. Overall all quality is super amazing and has breathable seat so you know the advantage of that type of seat.

I hope you get your answer and now you can easily make a decision about your favorite seat. All of them are rich in quality and comfortable for overweight people so they can choose one of them according to their choice.


I hope you read the whole article and till now you’re confused to make your decision then we recommend you our best choice after a great research and find the best one. Don’t worry about the quality of these seats because these seats are top-rated and these will provide you with a great experience.

This one is our Recommended most comfortable bike seat for overweight people and if you’re in hurry then you can go with this bike seat.

Our Top Recommendation: | Giddy Up! Bike SeatOpens in a new tab.

If you have any queries related to this topic then you can ask in the comment box, we try to solve it as soon as possible.



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