5 Night Mountain Biking Lights | Complete Guide

Night Mountain biking lights are one of those things that a mountain biker and a “normal person” see as dramatically diverse things.

 To a “normie” (I promise I don’t allude to non-riders as this!), the concept of biking through a forest, up and down challenging territory, within the center of the night is at best a completely remote concept – and more likely, immediately rejected as articulate madness.

To somebody like me fixated with mountain biking the enterprise of heading out into the timberland to ride trails with companions at night (most regularly on a cold winter’s night in reality) is fair super exciting.

Trails you’ve ridden a hundred times abruptly see totally distinctive, and speeds appear much speedier than some time recently which is continuously an interesting combination.

 The adrenaline hit from riding a drop at night (most certainly one you’re very recognizable with!) is discernibly higher. At the slightest, it is for me.

Seeing the path lit up like daylight only where you’re looking, and having the rest of the scene covered up by inky obscurity gives a strange kind of burrow vision focus to your mountain biking experience.

What Type of Lights do I Need ?

Modern mountain biking lights are relatively lightweight, including super shinning LEDs, with rechargeable lithium batteries – either as battery packs, or consolidated into the body of the light.

Often the headlamps have heat sinks built into their metal body, as they get very hot fueling such bright lights.

And talking of shining lights that’s indeed what you’re wanting.

  •  The brighter the better.
  • Within reason of course!
  • Night riding is an experience

Everyone you talk to who has been night mountain biking lights will have stories to tell. One event that bounced out to me was when a few a long time back we went riding through the path organized of an adjacent woodland, pitch blackout and found that the expansive river adjacent had fundamentally burst its banks and was flooding a bunch of the trails.

 What started out as a night zooming through the single-track was interrupted with nighttime overwhelmed woodland investigation and after that back to the riding Other nighttime downhill runs after work is awesome memories and indeed rare chairlift bike park night sessions. So great.

Top 5 Night Mountain Biking Lights

  • victagen USB Rechargeable Bike Light
  • Bright Eyes FBA_AQPP-4
  • Exposure Strada Mk10 Super Bright Rechargeable Headlight
  • Lupine Wilma R7
  • LEZYNE Super Drive 1600XXL Smart Bike Light| LED

Best Night Mountain Biking Lights

1-Victagen USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Need a heavy-duty mountain bicycle light? At that point see no further with the vintage bicycle lightOpens in a new tab.. This one ticks all the proper boxes at a cost that won’t harm your wallet. What I adore about this one is its IP65 waterproofing capability.

I attempted it out when there was overwhelming rainfall and the bicycle light still works well. Another highlight that I found valuable is its universal clip.

Since I claim lots of bicycles that come in several shape components, I can fair clip the light without bother. It too has other lighting capacities in case you need to use it as a helmet-mounted bike light or tail light.

2-Bright Eyes FBA_AQPP-4

If you need the best night mountain bicycle light that endures long, at that point see no advance with this one. This bicycle light has everything you would like for those hours of nighttime bicycle rides.

 So what’s the bargain with this one? First off, it incorporates an enormous 6400mAh battery that keeps going for nearly a day, depending on your chosen settings.

 This is such a tremendous battery capacity for a mountain bicycle light. It can too fit no matter how lean or thick your handlebars are.

The bundle comes with a free diffuser focal point for your daytime bicycle ride sessions as well. The light has three modes: moo, medium, and overwhelming.

Moo setting keeps going for up to 16 hours of persistent utilization, 6 hours on medium, and 4 hours on heavy. The light can be charged employing a divider charger or by means of a battery pack, which goes hand in hand with its compact design.

3-Exposure Strada Mk10 Super Bright Rechargeable Headlight

For massive handlebar-mounted yield, the Six Pack moreover from Presentation could be a secure wagered and has been for a great few a long time. A monstrous 5,000 lumens will light up the path ahead (and more or less everything else around it) for up to two hours.

On lesser modes, it can run for as long as 36 hours. The Six Pack benefits from shrewdly Reflex+ power setting, which consequently darken the light after you halt or ride gradually (tough).

The bar radiated from the six LEDs of the Six Pack is clean, fresh, and exceptionally, exceptionally shinning. A huge parcel of the trail ahead is enlightened with a few great widths secured as well, helping to extend fringe vision when cornering. Underneath is the light on full chat at 4,750 lumens.

At its least control in a Reflex+ mode, the light is dim but completely satisfactory for climbing at moderate speeds.

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4-Lupine Wilma R7

Lupine makes a number of practical lights such as their Piko, Neo, and Balika arrangement but the Alpha and Wilma aren’t down to earth, they’re some of the brightest and most pleasant you can buy.

These lights are not one or the other cheap, nor frail, and are beautiful much more than almost anybody, but the rider who does DH laps at night, or somebody on an extraordinary undertaking of sorts would ever require.

 The Alpha puts out a whopping 7,200 lumens – bounty to piss off all of your riding buddies and offset the sleep cycle of natural life, or within the case of the Alpha, begin a fire in the event that you leave it on tall in dry takes off.

The Wilma R14 could be a bit more conservative at 3,200 lumens, but includes a long run time and is an excellent choice for somebody searching for something versatile and well made.

 Let’s be genuine, you do not require the 7,200 lumens that the Alpha puts off, and there’s almost no one that would know what to do with that much light on a bike, especially combined with the 3,200 lumens of the Wilma.

5-LEZYNE Super Drive 1600XXL Smart Bike Light| LED

Lezyne makes a variety of items from multi-tools, pumps, and plug units to lights. The Superdrive 1500 XXL is their most capable model. It’s a reasonably straightforward light with a one-button operation.

The light does have a few hefts to it, generally due to the estimate of the unit and the batteries in it coupled with the surface of the unit which makes a difference with warm dissipation.

The light contains a number of modes accessed from one button on the best of the unit. The button demonstrates the level of battery life by means of a ruddy, yellow, or green light. The tall yield modes give more than sufficient light for path riding and the FEMTO mode is sufficient to walk out of the woods, or see at a map, but not about sufficient control to securely ride trails.

The interface on the buttons can be dubious and it’s simple to urge misplaced in a blazing mode which, when you’re fair attempting to up the control for your plummet, but you’ll be able to switch to the overdrive race mode that toggles directly between high and low power.


If you’re on an undertaking, dashing DH at night, or you’re basically attempting to demonstrate a point and daze your friends, perhaps you ought to roll with two Lupine Alphas. On the off chance that you are a bit more traditionalist and are searching for something utilitarian, solid, and to some degree more reasonable.



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